Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MOM's reply about Jourgina Dagoplo's repatriation-Ball was in IBM Singapore's court

Dear Friends,

Ministry of Manpower(MOM) has replied to queries about ex-maid Jourgina's non-renewal of immigration status.

In summary, her employer IBM did not do enough to help her upgrade to an S-Pass eligible status ie pay her salary of $1800/mth or more. She was senior technician.

So ends the fairy tale... or will IBM or other employers take the challenge of employing Ms Dagoplo?

Please refer to my previous post here.


Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan

Why ministry did not renew maid's work permit

WE REFER to the letters last Tuesday by Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan and Mr Kevin Kwek ('Ex-maid's dreams dashed').

We limit the number of years that work permit holders are allowed to work here, to ensure that employers do not become overdependent on low-cost foreign manpower and that lower-skilled foreign workers do not sink roots in Singapore.

Miss Jourgina Dagoplo's work permit was not renewed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as she had reached the maximum employment period of 18 years.

For employees who qualify for higher work pass types such as the S Pass or Employment Pass, their employers may apply to upgrade them to such passes, which are not subject to the maximum employment period.

MOM had informed Miss Dagoplo's employer earlier that it could consider upgrading her to an S Pass provided that her salary meets the S Pass criteria. However, the employer had not done so when her work permit expired.

Farah Abdul Rahim (Ms)
Director, Corporate Communications
Ministry of Manpower


Anonymous said...

Dear Doctor Huang,

I read in amaze the recent report of dr susan who overcharge her royal customer.

at first i thought how can she charge so high yet still to fight the case to defend herself.

but today report 23/02/11 in straits times i pity her honestly.

she give so much discount already. and secondly smc seem to be not fair to her. 3 doctors on the first committee who listen to her case is from public service (and one is the late army cmc Dr wong your friend as well). i guess at least 1 should be from private sector. like not fair to her. i now support her to fight her case and hope she will win.

but i am not sure of smc law as i am not lawyer or doctor. and the newspaper wrote like the moh prof is very very strict on her.

May i know what are you views on her case as an independent person?

I have 2 main point i feel.
hope you correct me if i am wrong.

first is

1) govt say sg is a free market, so a free market means a doctor charge any price from $1 to $1 million right? and govt say fee guidelines cannot be remove. if i feel our minister is earning too much i cannot order a committee to hear the case right?

2) is it that our govt is so so strong until that like the moh prof can order anything to do?? is there any safeguards?? like for dr susan maybe she is lucky as she is rich able to know or hire sc from top legal firms to help her to fight her injustice. but a normal people like me how i know all this??

please advise me thank you.

and lastly i do not know you or any of the people above i mentioned and i am not a doctor, lawyer or whatever i am just a optom.

and if you are really capable i hope you can stand for election and try to help if not all but at least some singaporeans.

thank you DR.

Anonymous said...

"say fee guidelines cannot be remove."

"sorry should be fee guildlines must be removed"