Monday, March 21, 2011

GE 2011: I am a swing voter- try to convince me!

Dear Friends,

I am a beneficiary of the PAP rule.

I enjoy and appreciate ( taking for granted) the following:

1.Efficient and corruption-free civil service
Each time a traffic warden issues a summon (even to me), I know that he is not allowed to cancel the ticket and to try to bribe him would be just foolish. I have renewed passports at the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoint Authority) in less than 15 mins ( if one goes first thing in the morning). Making appointments for SP Power's technician is easy and yes, they turn up on the said timing.

Any child from any of our primary schools has a chance to fulfil his/her dream of being a doctor or going to study in a world-class university overseas on a public scholarship.

3.Racial harmony
I am colour blind and enjoy working with and living amongst people of different race and creed. Hence I am upset and incensed when MM Lee casually dismisses the possibility of a non-Chinese Prime Minister or caused the ruckus when he alluded to Malays being barred from some services in the military.

4.Public Safety
It is my constant boast to foreign friends that even our children and women-folk enjoy freedoms and safety on our streets 24/7.

Having mentioned these “non-negotiables” that I presently enjoy, there are many aspects of the PAP’s rule that I find unacceptable.

A ruler who only rules if he is paid millions has lost moral authority. In a past blog post (click here)
I mentioned the concept of Noblesse olige.

Literally it means nobility is an obligation. It is defined as:

1. Benevolent, honorable behavior considered to be the responsibility of persons of high birth or rank.

2. the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically)

John D.Rockefeller Jr said,"every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty" .

My previous post (click here)
The Electoral Boundaries Review Committee- Must be fair and seen to be fair.

C.GRC as a coat-tail for PAP candidates (who are afraid to lose)
SM Goh ( in one of his many own goals) said in 2006: (Click here)

‘Without some assurance of a good chance of winning at least their first election, many able and successful young Singaporeans may not risk their careers to join politics,’ .

I hope the PAP fields Michael Palmer in Punggol East SMC and if he wins comfortably , this will once and for all demolish PAP’s argument for the GRC’s Raison d'ĂȘtre (reason for existence) that PAP minority candidates cannot win unaided.

D.Abuse of People’s Association and its grassroot organisations etc

MM Lee said in 2009 “They discover that the People’s Action Party (PAP) has only a small office in Bedok. But everywhere they go, they see the PAP – in the RCs (residents’ committees), CCCs (citizens’ consultative committees), and the CCs (community clubs).” Click here

PAP has finally admitted that grassroot organisations are partisan. This cannot be right as public money is being used.

I am not a rabid pro-PAP nor an anti-PAP voter.

I am a swing voter. Try to convince me.

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


Lew said...

I totally agree with your views on ministers' salary. I would also like to add in my unhappiness on PM, SM, MM and President's salary. Why do these people need so much money when they are not going to bring them along to the next world. They should just take $1.00 token annual salary and I'm sure more people will vote for them. My wife and I will re-channel our 2 votes to the PAP instead of always giving them to whichever opposition that is standing in our constituency.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Lew,
When i mention Ministers' pay- the office bearers such as PM/SM/MM plus President are automatically included. There is no need for Ex-PM's to hang around as SM/MM. They should just leave the scene, write a book or maybe get a post at the UN and use their talents to help prevent war and poverty. I think token $1 is a little bit hard. We don't want them to starve but they should not be striking lottery every month at salary time and get the Big Sweep Prize every year-end.
Why don't they know how upset all the people are about this?
We should not just automatically vote for opposition or PAP. They must convince us that they are the better person ( or group in GRC) compared to the other party.
If I have 3 wishes- 1. Reasonable Ministers' salaries 2.Abolish GRC 3. Independent Election Commission .
If these are fulfilled- I will vote PAP. Of course the non-negotiables must remain!
Dr Huang

Anonymous said...

I would like to add to my list of grouses that the use of public funds to link the upgrading of HDB flats to wards that vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Huang. I am less concerned with Minister's salary in absolute dollar. I, however, demand accountability, roles and responsibilities and performance that match with the renumeration. I therefore agree with you that SM and MM roles are redandunt. Honestly, the recent comments from these 2 elderly statemen speak volume of their worthiness. I am a swing voter too, however, it will take PAP more effort to convince me than the opposition in view of the various mistakes that they made in the last four years without accountability. Moreover, my view is that a single party system does not work well for any country in the long term. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely". We are are seeing the worrisome trends in how PAP shaping the economy, and in dealing with foreign imports. The intent focus on GDP (at all costs - even with the help of Casino, and at the expense of home growth S'porean losing job opportunity ) growth, and the link of Ministers' salary is unethical. Just look at how greedy Banker's enormous pay package brought the Banking Industry down. I foresee the same faith with S'pore if we allow PAP to continue to enjoy the absolute power without check and balance.

Anonymous said...

Much have been said in the past one decade about the PAP Leadership.
Me as a natural citizen has no problem with whatever amount our political leaders want and pay themselves.

The Issue that matters most to Singaporeans is the relentless and ever increasing cost of living with no corresponding increase in incomes of the Citizenry. On the contrary, Singaporeans face difficulties in getting employment.

As our leaders have claimed decades back that due to their abilities, efficiencies and corrupt proof integrities, they have bestowed and improved the livings of the people. How then are Singaporeans having to live in much smaller homes that cost them their bloods and limbs? A home that will enslave them for 30 years and leave them with no money for retirements.

Why are elderly Singaporeans having to work as menial workers just to have food and a roof over their heads. Many cannot even afford to see doctor when sick and those that are ascertained totally incapable of working with no family member are only given $330 a month.

What is $330 when their utility bills take away probably no less than $30 a month. The rental of their dove cage will take away at least another $50. And it is not possible to have a meal under $2 in most food centres.

To make it short, most Singaporeans are squeezed by policy implementations in the last many years. Our policy makers have failed miserably but yet made empty and false promises of 'Swiss Standard Livings', 'Golden Era' and whatever superlatives that they could used. They were however all empty vessels that make most noise.

Not only no tangible improvement is made for the people, the leadership has make life much more difficult for the locals by bringing in large amount of foreigners to take the jobs and space of Singaporeans.



sgcynic said...

Simply make the distinction between the contributions and achievements of the 1g and 2g PAP leaders (few if any worthy of respect remain in Parliament) and the 3g and 4g batch. Your choice should be clear cut.

Anonymous said...

the upcoming election is not about who the better man is. that is far too simple and simplistic.

this GE is about building political robustness, about ensuring this country's long-term political security, it is about sowing political awareness.

it is about new directions, fresh impetuses and alternative inputs.

it is about jettisoning complacency, arrogance, double speak, idiotic arguments and reasons, fear, the worship of money, legalised corruption.

it is basically about being the best that we can be. and you can't be that politically when one party occupies just about every seat in the House and when it has done so for about five decades.

as they always say about exercise regimes - the time to start is right now!

Anonymous said...

Vote for PAP. They will ensure higher economic growth, lower taxes and higher income overall for the elite and most capable who deserve it.

Anonymous said...

We must vote for change; this is something any responsible citizen must do. There is absolutely no reason why there should ever be a need for any ex-ministers or prime ministers to be hanging around in the Prime Minister's office in the guise of SMs/MM! This is absolute RUBBISH!

The Pariah said...

It's more insidious than just the pay quantum, Dr Huang.

FIRST, the pay structure for Singapore ministers and senior civil servants comprises:
20% GDP Bonus
27% Job-Perf Bonus
47% Total Variable Component

If your pay is 47% variable as above, what will drive you?

SECOND, the PAP have a single common Key Perf Indicator (KPI) of GDP Growth for all ministers, regardless of whether they are in charge of Trade & Industry, or Healthcare, or Environment, or Defence, etc?

To draw an analogy: A Bank has many divisions - Marketing, Loans, Investments, Trading, Operations, Compliance, Risk Management, Audit, etc. A Bank's raison d'etre is to increase net profits.

Should the Heads of Compliance, Risk Management, Audit in the Bank each have Net Profit Growth as their single common KPI?

The Pariah

The Pariah said...


THIRD, the higher the volatility the better. So perhaps it is purely incidental that the sectoral focus of Singapore's economy has shifted toward semi-conductors/disk drives, pharmaceuticals and fund management, all of which are raditionally cyclical and therefore inherently volatile.

GDP GROWTH - Two scenarios over 4 years, eg:

Volatile Model: 0% in Years 1 and 3, 10% in Years 2 and 4

Stable Model: 3% each in Years 1-4

GDP BONUS - Same two scenarios over the same 4 years as above, eg:

Volatile Model: 16 months (0 bonus for two years and 8 months' bonus for two years)

Stable Model: 12 months (3 months' bonus for each of the four years)

So, why isn't GDP Bonus accrued and averaged-out over the electoral term or 5 years, whichever is longer?

If averaging is applied, then even the Volatile Model would yield the same 3 months' bonus for each of the four years (20% GDP Growth divided by 4 years = 5% average GDP Growth which qualifies only for 3 months' bonus for each year).

Post-Wall Street implosion, bankers' bonuses could be clawed back in future - so why isn't there any clawback for negative GDP growth?

The Pariah

The Pariah said...

It has gone beyond the pay quantum, Dr Huang.

FIRST, the pay structure for Singapore ministers and senior civil servants comprises:
20% GDP Bonus
27% Job-Perf Bonus
47% Total Variable Component

If your pay is 47% variable as above, what will drive you?

SECOND, the PAP have a single common Key Perf Indicator (KPI) of GDP Growth for ALL ministers, regardless of whether they are in charge of Trade & Industry, or Healthcare, or Environment, or Defence, etc.

To draw an analogy: A bank has many divisions - Marketing, Loans, Investments, Trading, Operations, Compliance, Risk Management, Audit, etc. A bank's raison d'etre is to increase net profits.

Should the Heads of Compliance, Risk Management, Audit each have Net Profit Growth as their KPI?

The Pariah

The Pariah said...


It has gone beyond supersize GRCs or gerrymandering.

The due process of parliamentary discourse and representation has been insidiously subverted.

On 9 Nov 2010, the PAP has slashed parliamentary debate (this was reported in the press and is in the Hansard in the Singapore Parliament web-site if you wish to verify):

MP speech in Parliament: 20 mins (previously 30 mins)

MP speech to Committee: 10 mins (previously 15 mins)

Minister reply to MPs: 40 mins (previously 60 mins)

So even if more opposition MPs get into Parliament, what can they meaningfully cram into 20 mins on matters of complexity on a national scale?

The Pariah

The Pariah said...


On top of that, there is another animal called the Govt Parliamentary Committee (GPC).

There are GPCs for all ministries (eg, GPC on Law, GPC on Health, GPC on Defence, etc).

Did you know that GPCs are an organ of PAP as a political party? In other words, GPCs are NOT a state organ.

Only PAP MPs can be GPC members. GPCs are supposed to debate and assess bills and other matters before/after Parliamentary Debate.

Because GPCs are PAP organs, their minutes of meeting are NOT available for public scrutiny. Whereas parliamentary debates are recorded verbatim in the Hansard and are available for public viewing at all times.

So, Dr Huang, are you still a swing voter?

All 4 parts of my above postings have swung my vote.

I too grew up shaped by PAP meritocracy. But the PAP of today has lost resonance with me ... now we know what the old guards of Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, Ong Pang Boon, Lim Kim San, S Rajaratnam, Hon Sui Sen, et al, reined in previously but now let loose.

The PAP is NOT evil (I too am not rabid in being anti-PAP). But I reckon the PAP have lost their moral rectitude and cow sense ... except for a very small handful (and these may not even be in the cabinet cadre).

The Pariah

Singaporean said...

Dr Huang,

If you are still a swing voter after writing this excellent article, then Singapore is screwed.

Edmund Burke said "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

As for me, I'm going to vote for the opposition, for the very same reasons you mentioned.

That's the least I can do.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi all my friends,
esply "patriot" who from his comments ( here and elsewhere), we know that he is sick to the core of the rot inside the system, swing voters like myself are easier to handle. Much harder convincing would be the apathetic and gullible ( not necessarily the same). And the new citizens. The latter group LOVE the PAP ( genuinely) as they feel that this is almost heaven compared to Xian, Srinagar or Manila. This last group is the unknown unknown. What say you, Pariah and patriot and other friends?

Anonymous said...

patriot likes to say to all the Netizens, Bloggers and Commentators.
Please reach out to the People/Voters around You in your daily life, we can have miscreants in our leadership, we cannot help it. However, the People cannot afford to be too naive and coward for too long, their sufferings in time to come can be very damaging to our people/society in time to come.



AND to think that Native Singaporeans have to pay with their blood and sweat for a living, all those bullshits by our leaders do not match up.

This Coming Election is the FIRST TIME Alternative Parties are vying with the Rulers at most constituencies and the Voters have an opportunity to lawfully show their unhappiness. If we miss seizing the Chance, it means Singaporeans are satisfied with the System and ME WILL RESPECT THE RSULT the People choose.


Anonymous said...

I was your first commentor when you set up this blog at/after GE 2006.

You manage to last the pace.

Show PAP they can be voted out and proven wrong even if Singaporeans go by the book.

nofearSingapore said...

someone called PH ( name disguised) emailed to me:

First I would like to salute your courage and conviction. My comment is that the formula for linking minister's pay to the private sector is well known.

Will someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure (certain enough to make a small monetary wager - and I'm NOT a betting person) that in 2009, there was a small Straits Times article saying that for that year, the ministers' salaries would not be reviewed.

I remember thinking at that time "Hello, what's this? When private sector salaries increase, ministers' salaries increase but when they actually decrease (presumably because of the 2008/2009 financial meltdown), they stand still? What kind of salary formula is this?'

It might both timely and worthwhile to investigate if ministers pay was really 'frozen' in 2009). If so, this is another indication that something is not quite right, unless of course, it has been documented somewhere when the formula was first introduced that ministers salary can only go up and not down.

PH said...

I'd like to thank you for so thoughtfully changing my name to PH. I first wanted to write to you under 'anonymous' but figured if you were brave enough to write under your full name, I should be too. Besides, I was always taught that you should be brave enough to submit your name if you wish to be taken seriously.

I had not even realised that my comment would have been first vetted by you. Anyway, I am thankful for disguise because my husband is about to lose his job and the only potential employer in sight is a GIC-linked company. I was wondering how I was going to explain to my husband that maybe now there might be no job because my surname is not exactly common. So I wanted you to know I'm grateful(and maybe you should not even include this in your blog)

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know something else. Currently there's a big brouhaha about 'group think' within the PAP/Singapore government with some netizens wondering whats the point of having an elected government if all they do is engage in group-think.

There was a Straits Times article a couple of years back which stated that PAP rules state that a PAP MP MUST vote party line or else lose his PAP membership (and I guess at the same time lose his MP seat) UNLESS the parliamentary whip is raised.

This is confirmed in the following hyperlink and the crucial passage is reproduced below.

'Often regarded as the disciplinarians controlling MPs in their respective parties, the Whips ensure that there are always sufficient party members in the Chamber to support the party's position and that MPs vote according to the party's line. Occasionally, he may "lift the whip" and allow MPs to vote according to their conscience.'

I believe the same article said that in the course of a year, the whip is rarely raised (read that as only once or twice a year). What kind of parliamentary system do we have then? Do we even have the right to try to call this a democracy?

PAP MP's say that it is obvious that they represent the people because they are elected by the people. How does a MP even try to represent the people under this kind of system? In my view if all these elected MPs can do is to debate to their heart's content (not that even that is done according to what is shown on TV) BUT if they do not have the right to vote according to their conscience let alone represent the people, this now becomes a rubber stamp parliament.

The real multi-million dollar question is exactly who decides the the party line because that is how much Singaporeans can save if we
pay only the real decision makers and fire everyone else. Under this system we will still end up with the same quality of government policies! Now that is what I call value for money!

Isn't it rather strange that in our 'world-class' Singaporean education system teaches many things but NOT how this land of ours is governed? The American schools teach their students pretty early (starting at about age 10) and in quite impressive detail how the US government system works, what their rights are as citizens and how to lobby their elected representative to vote on her behalf. Here - NADA!

empire said...

Everybody knows SG government is very smart and the country is benefiting from it. Part of their smartness is to benefit themselves by legally paying themselves way over the top salary and bonuses. This is called legalized corruption.

If there is no poor people in the country, then it's okay, they can have all the excesses.

There must be check-and-balances; there must be opposition to knock the ruling party down a few notches and hopefully that will erode some of the arrogance.

This government needs to be governed.

Anonymous said...

well they should be RIP.

Anonymous said...

I love my country and for me it's better the devil you know than the devil you don't know. Look at the track record. Singapore was a third world country and now now it is a first world country with lifestyles matching the rich and famous. Well, almost. No government is perfect, not even the US, where I live now. Peace.

Anonymous said...

So Dr. Huang,

May I ask if you are still a swing voter or are you already a convert? :)

- Mr. Unemployed

Tan Chin Khoo said...

Dear Dr' Huang and all Singapore,

I am not a wel educated man but my comments will surprise you all.Firstly,I recomend you all what happen to the ground here;

1)Please go personally to Changi Airport to see many of our elderly people who has to push trolleys as heavy as some are 60 plus to 75 plus and please talk to these people and you will get the best news yourself as you become a reporter to yourself;

2)Do you know that the area around Changi Airport areas when traffic accidents occur,most of it are not reported especially they are not involved deaths?Because it is a cover up to get into the best airport,imagine if one day there had 7 accidents per day time 265 you had 1,855 accidents;
3)Do you know what is called waterborne fees in our OUB bills.It is the water that we press or pull our shits away in our toilets and we are double charge.Why? Because the meter outside our house has already charge once and the second charge after the water come into our houses,it charge the second time.And also the charge of 2 or 3 toilets had another charge,Like if 4 person in a house discharge 1 kilo of shit and they use 1 toilet,than the other 1 or 2 toilet is not used,so why charge toilets and not charge the amount we discharge per day and worse the PAP goverment sell our shits by making manure out of it,but why they did not paid us as we produce shits for them to make money?
4)When we die PAP Goverment also has the funeral caretake to put us in the coffins by paying them money and even pawn shop will run out of business too because they also do pawnshop business.
5)The ancient days in China the bandits in thr mountain see you and said"The trees is planted by me and the routes id also build me and if you wanted to cross here,please pay money to cross here.The ERP ( Everytime or Everyday Rob People) and The Worker Party Rally also said Every Road Pay.Therefore,we may had technology advances but the bandits at the mountains is still there after even thousand of years.
6)A few year ago,while I was at the Changi Hospital I heard the nurse said" Uncle you had not enough money in your medisave,can you go to another hospital?
7)When we top up our easy link cards of $10 dollars or more,we already are short changes,WHY? Because we already paid $8 dollars plus extra as it is not use yet.Calculate by this if there are 2 million people times $8 dollars you should 16 millions or even more as some top up more.I have not counted the deposit of $3 yet,please count for me.
8)The sibsidry of HDB still cannot be clarify clearly even the death of our late HBD Minister Mr. Tay Cheng Wan death who takes bride.please pardon me if I disrepect the decease time until now.
9) Please remember that the HDB house if you own the floor the roof is own by you neighbour upstair and so are your left walls.
10) I just heard that in Bedok North the blk beside the Hawker centre BLK 85,the 2nd floor lift is not open because some tenants did not pay for the conservancy fees,so they are been lock,please check it out.
11) You can see the oppositions decalre their family backgrounds while the PAP minister or MPs maight not do so,WHY? Because some of their childrens may had already overseas residents even when they are been paid scolarship even if the minister father salary is 150k per month.Is this fair?
12)Do you ever heard of a lorry being fine for smoke pollutions just after it left the test centre and passed by the testing ststion,

Dear Dr, Huang, If my above cannot convince you on who to vote this election day on 7th may 2011,then I am going to be a very sad and most disappointing person in this world as this is the country I was born and do my national service here and my sweats falls here.I should live in the outer space if SUPERMAN can comes to rescue me and I am not a madman,you can check that I am still pes A in older term in the SAF.

Good night DR, Huang wish you all the best and sorry for such a long mail,I will write a book title "The Singapore Unheard Story By A True Singapore

Tan Chin Khoo said...

Sorry for my mistake for my mail which I need to apologize here as PUB bills instead of UOB bills. PLease accept it altough it is not a good excuse as my eyesight is sleepy

Tan Chin Khoo said...

Dear Dr. Huang perhaps I had this enlighten words of wisdom to share before I sleep it stated in the Buddhist sutra.

" If the minds of the people are impure,their land is also impure,but if their minds are pure,so is their lands.There is no two lands,pure or impure in themselves.The different lies solely in the good or evil of our minds."

I had quote the above to a associate oversea religious profersser visiting here and he fully understand and he is a Muslim.

GOOD NIGHT by Tan Chin Khoo.

Anonymous said...

There is no proper accounting of our reserves. When our late president asked for it, the accountant general said it would take 50 years. Is that a proper answer.Oue losses in GIC and Temasek are only revealed when the foreign media publishes it. We Singaporeans are the last to know about it.
Singapore needs more MP's to ask these questions (and many more )The actions of the govt in opening the floodgates to immigration in spite of our small space, the issuing of the licences for IR's and selliing of state assets, implies a desperate need to make up for our losses before the true state of affairs are exposed.

Anonymous said...

As an addendum, I hope you are old enough to know what happened to President Ong Teng Cheong. Likewise who holds the "keys" to the reserves ?

Don't give the 'family' a blind cheque. The reserves belong to all Singaporeans and we have a reght to know

Anonymous said...

As a concern citizen, I would only say emotions aside, vote carefully. It's good to have selected good opposition as an alternate voice and check but do they have the calibre to run the government? Put aside all complains and hype up emotions, we all know the truth inside our heart. You may think that you only want to bring down PAP's percentage by your one vote. Think again! If everyone think this way and everyone vote for the opposition regardless or their abilities and there is such a huge swing and PAP is topple. What then? Can we really trust opposition to run the government and entrust our next generations to them? Think carefully.

Anonymous said...

Why vote for PAP when they have no answers to accountability? Apart from the sky-high ministerial pays (which they answered by saying to attract talents), i can be definitely sure on the point that a true leader doesn't look up to materialism. Do the ministers not feel a tinge of disgust? Are top dollars for them (as Singaporeans) justified to make them work for their home (Singapore)? Much as i respected how they had built up Singapore, i'm sad to say they are being thieves to their homeland. Therefore i totally agree with MM and SM posts being redundant. Even without the posts, i'm sure when PM needed their advices, they'll gladly offer, won't they? See this as a scenario, if half of their monthly pays goes to organizations like old folks', orphanages, etc. do you see how much it can alleviate the unfortunates?
We've all grown up in the propaganda that hides truths. Transparency is needed. Why apologize only when polling day is nearing? They are being very afraid now and they would resort to cheap tactics to gain sympathies. Do not believe everything that is shown in mainstream media and the papers, check out the alternative medias, seek the truths for yourself. PAP, it's too late for an apology now, i was neutral and had thought of years to vote for you but grew sick of the "wayangs" you performed. This is my first time voting, and Opposition will have mine. And i have faith in the Oppositions to grow strong and lead the country. Dear Singaporeans, if you are okay with high rising costs, high taxation, using 30 years of your life for mortgage, without living up to 65 for your CPF, by all means vote for the ruling party, and stop complaining. Take the rotten apple and keep your mouths shut, you don't even need to discuss about the elections. There are too many loopholes and unanswerable issues in our present government. There's no need to convince me and my decision will be final. If the oppositions are not stable, Chiam and Low will not be able to handle their constituencies so well with limited fundings. I would like to also especially commend Chiam for giving all his life for Singapore. Such is the leader with true spirit, cares for the people and not being a thief. Mr Chiam, i salute you.
Dear fellow Singaporeans, do not be disillusioned anymore, do not fear for a change, for we will all go through this together, reclaim this land and make our home better. VOTE FOR ANY OPPOSITIONS IN YOUR CONSTITUENCIES! MAJULAH SINGAPURA!!!

Anonymous said...

After five days of people reaction at the rally, posting and comments on the media and various different websites and forums at the institutions of learning comes the apology and PROMISE OF TRANSFORMATION. Before it was arrogance, threats, reprimands, labelling of heartlander or what now, presence of the ftfw to kick citizens out of their slumber and .... You are well educated - and you need convincing to help you to decide. Decision is absolutely personal. I suggest you spend time to think over yourself. Your tertiary education should have prepared you for such tasking -THINKING- if the school education has not quite achieved this goal.

Anonymous said...

dam you what about us aveRage joes,we have nothing to eat or even live on our families torn appart from fighting over money issues,my mother calls me an ungratefull son cause i can,t afford to give her pocket money. its easy for you to talk,my grandmother suffered and died because doctors and social workers were to dumb and stupid to sacrifice time and money to help a sick and dying old lady,so screw you and your party, your party has made me bitter and unhappy to the point i see myself as a bad father who can,t provide for the family. F UCK YOU