Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Singapore Athletics- Still stuck in the 70's

Hi Friends,

Although I am a keen observer of Singapore sports, I confess that essentially I am not much more than an armchair critic.

However, all stakeholders of Singapore Sports, even chair-bound ones like myself , have a right to expect something from Singapore Athletics.

Athletics has remained trapped in the 70’s. While sports like Swimming, Bowling, Sailing and Table-tennis have moved forward and beyond fighting for glory at the regional level (eg SEA Games), Athletics has not.

Ask anyone with any interest in Athletics which national athlete they remember, and invariably, it would be Chee Swee Lee, Jayamani and maybe James Wong. Do not waste your time asking anyone younger than 35 years old if you want anything other than a blank stare.

If I were running a National Sports Association (NSA), which has not delivered any tangible results despite being at the helm for many decades, I would graciously step aside and say to myself,” Self, I have done my best. Despite that and despite my deep love for Singapore Athletics, it is time for someone else to do his/her part. Maybe it was not meant to be”

It is the same in every sport in any major civilized country.

Don’t meet the target- you have to go. Simple.

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan