Sunday, September 06, 2015

AHPETC: TC statistics show WP can run TC's #ge2015 #sgpolitics

Hi Friends,
LTK playing "victim" again?

Straits Times Editor-at-large Han Fook Kwong likens this weekend as Half-time in GE2015 football match and that at 0-0, 

“ It is unlikely any party can come up with a brilliant move that will change the course of the GE….  it may be more important not to score an own goal by making a mistake or a misstep..”

To most of us, what is infinitely worse than losing by an own goal is when the match is won by a dubious goal eg Maradona’s Hand of God

Other non-football analogy is winning election by dirty tricks eg Taiwan 2004 when Taiwan’s DPP incumbent Presidential candidate Chen Shui Bian won by sympathy votes after a widely believed to be a staged assassination attempt (3-19 incident ).

Let me state here and now that I believe all our past elections were clean and won/lost fairly and squarely.
Going back to football analogy, in Singapore it is widely acknowledged that the MSM had played a role ( many believed unfairly) in the past. But this could be changing ( see my previous post)

However another force is counter-balancing MSM and that is new media (bloggers, blog aggregators) and to this end I like to refer to one blog post that could essentially be the deciding goal (game changer?) for the WP-PAP faceoff in the East. 

The above is an excellent article which collated the Income Statements from all the Town Councils for the Financial Years 2012/2013 & 2013/2014 to compare 4 vital aspects of TC management and how AHPETC ( Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council) compares with the other PAP-controlled town councils.

1) Conservancy & Service Fees
In 2013, AHPETC was the second "cheapest" town and it was ranked 11th most expensive (out of 15 Town Councils) in 2014.

2) Total Operating Expenditure
In 2013, AHPETC was the second most penny pinching town and it was ranked 10th in spending per electorate in 2014.

3) Government Grants
The Town Council which received the most "government support" in 2013 was Ang Moh Kio TC which comprises of Ang Moh Kio GRC and Seng Kang West SMC, while AHPETC placed last.

In 2014, The top place went to Tanjong Pagar TC which comprises of Tanjong Pagar GRC and Radin Mas SMC. AHPETC was placed 13th.In this sense, AHPETC has received less support from the government per electorate than most Town Councils.

4) Operating Deficit
In 2013, AHPETC was placed 10th. It incurred less deficit than 5 other TCs and is among the top 67th percentile in terms of deficit management. However, in 2014, AHPETC was placed last. There was a $9 increase deficit per voter from 2013 to 2014.

The author Lam said:
“ In conclusion, AHPETC experienced marked increase in operating expenditure in 2014. However, AHPETC performs above the average Town Council in terms of tax burden and operating expenditure per electorate. Furthermore, AHPETC is among the bottom 20% or the lowest in terms of support from the Government through Government Grants.”

In a nutshell, to family member “A” and many like her who were very perturbed by what they heard from the PAP leaders that WP cannot be trusted as their TC management was in shambles, this article will help to clear this doubt out of the way and they can assess the parties on other criteria.

What about the latest accusations about the presence of surpluses or deficits of Hougang & Punggol East respectively when the 2 SMC’s were merged into Aljunied TC, I believe the WP could have been mistaken about Punggol East and they were premature to accuse PAP of “creative attitude towards the truth”  ( quoting Kenneth Jeyaratnam (KJ) referring to Han Hui Hui (H3)  and hence owes PAP either a retraction, apology or some explanation. See PAP rebuttal here 

On the other hand, PAP also owes WP a retraction about Hougang’s deficit. See here  So no win no lose.

So like the time in the playground 50 years ago when I quarreled with a kampong friend, let’s leave it at : 

"No, You say sorry first! Howzat?"

Remember, we are all Singaporeans and we try so hard to win because we love Singapore!

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


theonion said...

From another blogger

So I started digging and investigating, I retrieved the published judgement of Justice Quentin Loh and read it for myself.

I learned that the Town Council Act was designed for voters to take full responsibility for whoever they had voted to be their MPs. The government have no legal recourse to step in and take over the town council management until it is too late. In fact if the MPs were dishonest it is pretty easy to monkey around in countless ways depending on how good you are at hiding nefarious activities. So this was how Justice Loh recorded his displeasure when he delivered in judgement. I found on page 80 the following.

Very simple, had AHPETC not constituted under the town council act but say a condominium estate, the WP is in a pickle now. And below was how the judge described Sylvia Lim on page 78.

I want to see some opposition MPs in parliament but they must have more integrity than this. People must distinguish between the appearance of running a town council well from one that only appear so and is not sustainable but decaying on the inside. Unfortunately this is also the situation in many countries. I am glad the WP is not going to form the government by a very long shot.

So you seem agreeable to playing politics ala Malaysia style.
So as long as things do not fall apart due to the good groundwork/foundation by the party in power, it is fine.
Do enjoy the ST benefits but do be prepared in the future to be at the even more further mercies of external near neighbours.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi "the onion"
Thanks for dropping by.
I am sure Singapore will be grateful to you if you have some proof of WP participating in nefarious activities. If there is, please report them to the CPIB ( they do accept anonymous tipoffs).
You seem to have little confidence in the ability of Singaporeans to take care of our own affairs. We have eyes and can see through who and what is good for us or not.
It is good that you have such confidence in the PAP. Democracy, despite its inadequacies is still the best form of govt as it allows different parties to reach out to the electorate in order that most-deserving of them are given the privilege to represent them in parliament and to rule the country.
The days of authoritarian rule where one party rules unbridled and unquestioned is in the past and not in the future.
I do not want the dirty Malaysian BN govt with corrupt leaders who can do what they want, but if we leave power in one single party even PAP , we will find ourselves in the same predicament as Malaysians.
Anyway, our Minister Lim Swee Say has done all of us a great favour and now Malaysia and China are really upset with us and hopefully we won't need favours from them.
Dr Huang

theonion said...

Dr Huang

I have more confidence in PAP as am in finance and I believe in transparency and integrity of information.

For WP after reading the audit reports issued by WP own auditors, well it behoves me how you would find it acceptable hence that is why I stated that it is politics non transparent ala Malaysia style.

I prefer facts not opinions.

I never stated what you implied.

I just opined that if we have weak governments, Singapore has no fall back position (hence the external near neighbours) but I guess you believe in the Opposition tooth fairy and you will most probably jeer that I believe in otherwise tooth fairy.

I have confidence in Singaporeans but you seem to cheer that Singapore will be in trouble.
So thanks for your rebuttal but I prefer transparency to decide and I never stated that there should be no opposition either just that WP has not earned it for the Aljunied GRC considering the lack of transparency in its accounts as stated but its own auditors.

theonion said...

I meant audit opinion by it WP own auditors. Apologies

nofearSingapore said...

Hi the onion,
Thanks so much.
We must then agree to disagree.
Best wishes and may you have a great week.
Dr Huang

patriot said...

Dear Dr Huang;

Me had been with the NSP Team for Tampines GRC during its 2015
GE Campaign as I did in 2011.

Like You to know that there is indeed considerable shift on the Ground, it is palpable. Despite so,
me has no confidence that the Alternative Parties will be able to
form a new regime.

Anyway, personally I see much damages arising from imprudence by candidates such
as Lim Swee Say saying that he
is lucky not to be a (China)-Chinese or a Malaysian, he is born in Malaysia. Swee Say
had damaged the Friendships
with other Nations.

The Ground Feel is not pretty too with vandalisms and angers thrown at candidate,
some of whom are
Parliamentarians holding Highest Cabinet
Post before it was dissolved for the Electio. The Ugly Side of our society shows that things are well as claimed by the Rulers.

Whilst more grounds
are within reach of Alternative Parties, they are unfortunately not as wholeheartedly
supported by the Voters. As such, further damages maybe controlled and ameliorated but they will not be stopped as
the People do not make concerted effort to effect the Change needed.

I am pessimistic about
the Claim made by Lee
Hsien Loong that Singaporeans are able to work together as one people for Singapore.


patriot said...

My apology.

Correction to .....things are be corrected to......things are NOT well as claimed by the Rulers.


mystery said...

I am just curious seeing so many banners (huge ones and getting more and more prevalent) of MPs smiling and nowadays even of festive greetings everywhere I turned. Who pays for them?
I also saw a stone plaque on the ground at a park with the name of the MP inscribed on it. I thought these are for heroes who have passed on? Even LKY frown on such things. well... seems the newer generation thinks otherwise.
I have not forgotten also the wasted money spent on painting the iconic red brick HDB blocks in Bishan. It is well known and loved by all but under the care of our dear Josephine, they were painted over and now they are gone but her banner is all over, a constant reminder of what they have done.

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