Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nurses' Day 2011

Re: Nurses’ Day 2011

Dear Friends,

Nurses working in Singapore’s hospitals are an under-appreciated lot.

They often encounter abuse from those around them: patients,  patient’s relatives and sometimes even from over-bearing doctors.

Is it any wonder that Nursing is seldom the vocation of choice for many of Singapore’s youths?

Hence, Singapore is fortunate that nurses from the Philippines, India and even China continue to come to our shores as we are competing with the rest of the developed world for these “Florence Nightingales”.

Truth be told, we are seldom the first choice for these foreign nurses. Most would have preferred the USA, Australia, Canada or the UK.

Some eventually go onto their “dream” destinations but many do sink roots here and have become Permanent Residents or even citizens.

They face the same problems as other new immigrants namely integration, discrimination, isolation and loss of identity. ( but that is the subject for another day).

I want to wish all Nurses working in Singapore’s healthcare – hospitals (public/private); clinics; Nursing homes, a meaningful and happy Nurses Day 2011.

You are an important and indispensable part of the medical team.


Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan

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