Friday, November 05, 2010

Tribute to Mr. Ong Ai Teik

Mr. Ong Ai Teik (1944-2010)

Words cannot express what Mr. Ong meant to the boys of my cohort (Sec 4- 1976).

To those in Boy’s Brigade and Gymnastics, his influence was understandable and obvious as he was the Captain of BB and the teacher who built a very competitive gym team from scratch.

However to the rest of us who were in neither, his stamp of authority is less easily explained.

Perhaps to many of us, he was the father figure that we hoped for, or the older brother we wished we had. Someone who leads from the front but is also waiting at the back to ensure none of us were left behind!

In the mid-70’s, ACS was in apparent decline and had suffered public humiliations when political leaders seemed to stand in line to castigate us and even labeled us as a “Snob” school. The hurt, though deep, was short-lived and Mr. Ong was there to galvanize us to believe in ourselves and to achieve what we did not know was possible.

Not all of us were academically inclined, but that was not important. We were ACSians.

We remember with fondness Mr. Ong’s innovative methods of punishments. I do not think MOE would have approved many of them… but they worked.

Mr. Ong Ai Teik, teacher,mentor,friend. Someone we respect and love.

Till we meet again.

The Best is Yet to Be!

Huang Shoou Chyuan
(on behalf of the 76’ers)


Anonymous said...

A good teacher/mentor is like a factory that produces many excellent products.

A good doctor saves live and takes away much pain and suffering of fellowmen.

Mr Ong Ai Teik must have done much good to deserve your tribute.


nofearSingapore said...

Hi patriot,
Thanks for reading this which shows that you empathise for what I write and you don't even know Mr. Ong.
Yes, he was many things to many people.
Most of all, he embodies the ACS spirit of dedication to the alma mater and the never say die spirit.
Men like him come along only once in a few decades.
May he rest in peace.
Dr Huang

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Huang;

me have got to know You in Cyberspace for some years and have found You to be a very caring individual for the people as well as the state.

There are passion and compassion in your writings and I am sure in your daily livings as well. A respectable man indeed and those that You respect must be birds of the same feathers, me construes.

As You should have noticed by now, me did and may differ with You in perspectives and opinions from time to time. Let us hope that we will share and exchange our views and get the best out of them. It is my belief that You will contribute very positively to the society.

We will meet again.