Friday, August 10, 2007

The National Day Parade could have been even better…

Hi Friends,

I actually watched the parade today. It was interesting, heart-warming even.

The military hardware was reassuring and the heartware represented by personnels in all the different wings of the military were as usual faultless and put in a credible showing.

However, a certain marching contingent seemed out of place.

All other contingents were unifiers of Singapore’s citizens

All the other contingents were a public show of Singapore’s unity- that creed and culture need not be an impediment to Singapore’s aspiration to be a city of possibilities, and that diversity would not be a hindrance but a strength. Hence Singaporeans of all hue and colour and of both sexes marched side by side proudly and the whole nation’s heart beat as one with them.

One partisan contingent reminds of our "dividedness".

This other contingent was a show of partisanship- as if to say that only those that wore the all-white uniform on their bodies and the lightning flash on their sleeves deserved a place in Singapore’s political arena. A sort of winner’s justice?

How else can we explain that only the ruling People’s Action Party had a marching contingent on this our National Day? Do not the Worker’s Party activists want to celebrate Singapore’s 42nd birthday too? Are not Chiam’s Singapore People’s Party’s and the National Solidarity Party’s members patriots as well?

My suggestion:

1.All political parties should be invited for national parades. Granted, not all will jump at the opportunity to participate ( and you know which party I am alluding to – you don’t need to be a “rocket”-scientist to read my kind …clue in the “rocket”).

2.If possible, they should all march in an integrated contingent perhaps with alternating flags of different parties.Though some marchers may not take kindly to having to hoist other party’s flags, these are just minor logistical details to be sorted out later.

3.If the idea of inviting other political parties is so repugnant to the organisers, then no political parties should march and only grassroot activists will march under the People’s Association’s banners. After all, the PA is “supposed” to be non-partisan ( snigger snigger)


The entity and concept of Singapore is only slowly emerging and the nation’s identity is beginning to become separated from the ruling party that rules it – and it is a good thing. ( And that is one reason I displayed the Singapore flag together with fellow Singaporeans)

Hence, let not PAP’s sole participation in what should be a non-partisan event set back our development as a united and cohesive nation.


Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan


Ned Stark said...

Indeed Dr I concur with your sentiments. That said its good to see you back and I hope you will continue posting as you have always done; as long as time permits.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Ned,
You are fast!
Don't you have to sleep? ( ha ha).
Yes time is a premium as I am in the thick of my studies now with many deadlines to meet and just as many social & professional obligations.
I do try to keep interested in Sg's blogosphere but there is only 24 hours.
Thanks for your encouragement.


Anonymous said...

If PAP insist on making non-partisan organisations partisan and making National Day partisan, what can you do about it ?? We are just peasants.

Anonymous said...

Using taxpayer's money and state funds for party's own objectives and activities is a scandal anywhere except Singapore. Uniquely Singapore.

PxxISNOTSG said...

U know what they will say? They have a "huge" mandate from the people to march around in the parade. It is strange that as we are growing up, we never take note much of their presence in the past parades.

Now, we are starting to become more discerning about the line between the party and the country.

I read somewhere that one policeman said that "Party=Singapore" (not exact words) in an open court.

Disgusted Citizen said...

Yes, Dr Huang, you are absolutely right on. I spotted the same thing also as I was watching the parade and immediately what came to my mind was "Why only PAP contingent? No other political parties?"

The PAP govt may think that it was a smart move. However, to me and all my friends, it actually reflected very badly upon the PAP govt. That clearly indicated how selfish and narrow their hearts are!

For a moment I had thought that I was in North Korea. Really very outstanding indeed!

Anonymous said...

If alternative parties are allowed to march, I am sure they would. It benefits them as people can identify them better. But would the government allow them ?

This is a form of abuse of power and unfair practice.

PAP marching contingent has been on for many years without explanation and nobody ask why.

Like the PAP MPs all wearing white (party colours) instead of red (national colours) on NDP thus making NDP look like party event instead of national event.

But this issue has wider impact like why grassroots (CDAC,CCC,CDC,RC,PA etc) are all manage by PAP people but funded by taxpayer's money.

National Day belongs to Singapore and should not have any political connotations in it.

I suggest no party-like representations should be allowed.

Germany National Day under Hitler has Nazi flags and marching all the time, what we have is a bad precedent.

Anonymous said...

Since the PAP has captured the NDP, as a peasant, my only option is to retreat and boycott it. Slowly, but surely, I retreat from Singapore to make way for PAPland. I only look for ward to the day I can leave and escape this no longer legitimate PAP regime

Anonymous said...

Pardon me for my pessimism:
The white party's displaying their right THEIR WAY in that all-white contingent.
Let other parties also march?
Not too much to sweat over at all! Also increase the all-white to 2 contingents.
Let other parties march or not, the white party has their narrow-mindedness defined & reinforced.
It's NOT EVEN "narrow-heartedness". I'll be ashamed to apply any hint of heartware to the party white..

Ned Stark said...


Well it was only 12:47AM, not too late. In fact technically i posted in the early morning.