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Greedy landlord + helpless tenant = UGLY SINGAPOREAN

Signed and sealed with a handshake, yet no deal
(ST Forum 18.8.07)

AMID the hot property market, both in rental and sale, my search for a place to rent has exposed unethical behaviour on the part of both agents and landlords.

When I first moved to Singapore in 2002, looking for a place to rent was a hassle-free process.
Sure, often places I liked were out of my price range, but that was to be expected. At least a price was cited at the beginning and if you accepted it, you provided a letter of intent and a cheque. You shook hands and the deal was done.

Not so anymore. I have been looking for a new place to rent for the past couple of months after my landlord increased the rent 400 per cent. Not once, but three times, have I looked at a place, accepted the stated price, signed a letter of intent, shaken hands, and handed over a cheque, only to receive a phone call from the agent or landlord that the price had gone up.

My family has wasted a tremendous amount of time and energy running around the island, meeting agents and going back with our chequebooks, only to be told that they were negotiating with other people on the side the entire time.

I am upset by such unethical behaviour. An eye-to-eye agreement with a firm handshake is now meaningless.

It saddens me in particular that this is often done deliberately, with agents and landlords making deals with several people at the same time, demanding signatures and cheques from them, and then making a selection.

Hence, we are still homeless, even though we are willing to lower our standards significantly in terms of both size and style, move farther out of the city, and pay twice or triple what we currently pay in rent.

Perhaps at this rate we should just move out of Singapore as it is increasingly becoming a less attractive place to live in. If many expatriates do likewise, what will happen to real-estate values?

Laura Thornton-Olivry (Ms)

My comments

Hi Friends,

I want to comment on this note-worthy letter in today’s forum page.

Laura was alluding to how landlords are not honoring the prospective tenants' letters of intent. An even worse scenario than this is becoming common. Existing tenants are being asked to vacate their homes with nothing more than two months' notice from their landlords!

The relative shortage of rentable apartments has led to a dangerous situation. We can thank the ridiculous “en-bloc” fever and the buoyant economy for this.

The rentals have gone out of the world and it is not just market forces of “supply and demand” that is causing the greatest harm to Singapore’s reputation as an economically competitive nation. The behaviors of the landlords are also responsible.

Let me say that mine is not a case of sour grapes. I have had at different times been a landlord and tenant and I do know what is and is not acceptable behavior. It used to be that the tenancy agreements are 2+2 or 1+1 ( ie 2 years tenancy with option for additional 2 years etc) and only after the initial 2 years or 1 year ( as the case may be) is over, that the landlord will raise the rentals or get new tenants after the old have left.

Unreasonable behavior of landlords

In the recent race of the rentals to the stars, I have been told that landlords now just give existing tenants 2 months’ notice to vacate and that is that. Apparently, there is no need to prove that the tenant had not lived up to his part of the tenancy agreement and hence had violated a contract. The tenant is literally being “kicked” out. He has no right to seek any recourse and he then becomes just another house-hunter. He is at the mercy of the “wolf-like” greed of the landlords!

In my many years as a landlord and tenant, I have never seen any clause ( not even in microscopic fine print) that allows such an unequal treatment of any of the parties.

Unequal treatment under the tenancy contract
Just let the tenant try to leave the lease prematurely and see what happens? Other than giving legitimate reasons such as citing the “diplomatic clause” that he is leaving Singapore -having been sacked or repatriated (even then it can be terminated only at least after 12 months) , the tenant would most likely be unable to break the contract without compensating the landlord.

What is the tenancy agreement for and what is the point in getting it stamped and scrutinised by lawyers and going through a seemingly useless ritual, when the tenant can be kicked out at the whim and fancy of any greedy landlord? Any legal eagles want to comment?

The greed of our countrymen is causing great harm to Singapore’s reputation as a affordable place for foreigners to live and work in.

The market will find its own solution ( it always does)
I am a firm believer that in the “free market” a rational equilibrium would be found sooner or later by market forces. But I still find such conduct quite unbelievable and abhorent.

The natural outcome would be that foreigners will increasingly stay outside of the city and District 9,10,11 or even in HDB estates. Or their companies would just set up shop in KL or elsewhere. People are not THAT stupid!


Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan


aliendoc said...

Having been a tenant myself in Singapore, I know that lease agreements there tend to be skewed in favor of the landlord. So woe to those who have crummy landlords.

Anonymous said...

I'm a landlord myself, having rented out my 5-rm apartment in Redhill (the one beside the MRT) with only a $200 increase from last year. I can't believe how greedy people can be. Fair enough I've been jeered at by people who said I've charged too low for the whole unit but what the heck, the tenant has taking real good care of my place and I'm happy with it. I'm glad I still have that bit of soul left me in and not be corrupted by such short term greed.

shoestring said...

What's probably happening is that agents are using the prospective tenants' Letters of Intent and checks to bargain for higher offers from others.

Prospective tenants could stop themselves from being pushed around and exploited by insisting on a Tenancy Agreement to be signed before issuing a check. If the agent or landlord refuses, you know their intentions. No harm walking away instead of wasting time on another trip.

There are always gracious landlords like the anon above elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

in long run, the increase of rental will cause singapore to suffer in term of economy. People will start to move out and spend in other place. And then, Singapore's people will have lots of empty house/flat/condos waiting for tenant.

Anonymous said...

I am regretting so badly that I rented a whole unit here. I have a very abusive landlord and seems like there is no such thing as tenants right in Singapore...
It just STINKS!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm a landlord. I have come across tenants who are equally unreasonable & greedy. Having agreed on all terms and conditions, they not only do not fulfil their side of the bargain, but requested for new appliances, saying the 3 yr old ones are not working. Imagine complaints like rubber tubing coming off the fridge, door sagging onto the bottom door, washing machine making their clothes black etc.(and it was not urgent enough for their agt to attend immediately. They waited for the agent to go and return fr China after 2 weeks before calling me!!) The appliances company got so annoyed with my frequent calls that they charged me for transportation when they couldn't find the problems. I received complaints so frequently for small issues, so much so that i have no choice but to change the appliances to get some peace. Bear in mind they are all less than 3 years old. If they mind using old stuff, why not own one. Then when it comes to their side of the bargain, servicing aircon and washing the curtains before handing over, they did the minimal- no chemical wash and no clean handover. The curtain was full of their dog hair. I suppose HUMAN ARE GREEDY & UGLY, whether tenant or landlord...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not quite understanding what the last person is saying though basically fairly illterate singaporean.

Singaporeans are basically greedy anyway living in a society where they are spoon fed so expecting a landlord to be capable of honesty is not realistic.

The landlord I have is beyond belief though as the whole system leans toward them and whilst the market was bouyant they definatly had the upper hand. For me I cannot work out my landlords greed due to the fact that my current condo is half empty and will be one less in a few months.

Thus they miss out.

A little reasonableness and they would have a continuous tenant to look after the house.

By the by very few landlords rent out the old home sweet home, so grow up.

Anonymous said...

What measures can be taken against a landlord who breaks the tenancy period?

See story:

The tenants affected were people who rented "studio" units. These units had been partitioned out from the original apartment to include the kitchen, rubbish chute, laundry service area, toilet and part of the hall(which was used as the bedroom).

It's all good and well for OUE and Ideal Accommodation to be slapped on the wrist with whatever paltry fine from URA but tenants from these 75 "studio" units at Grangeford remain on thin ice. The tenants had been given an unreasonable 3 days notice by Ideal Accommodation to either:
1) sign a new rental agreement for a master room or a common room @ Grangeford
2) stay on at our own risk, should we insist on staying on in our units.
Both of which were deeply unsatisfactory options to the affected tenants.

It became evident that despite the fact that Ideal Accomodation and UOE had known for some time, they had chosen to serve just 3 days notice and kept mum about URA's pending enforcements on the Grangeford Property till the last possible minute to leave people with little choice but to take them up on their unsatisfactory offers.

Is there an authority where we seek redress for compensation as well as lodge a formal complaint with?

Anonymous said...

I am one of the victims as well. I encountered a very greedy landlady who insisted we compensate the rental even she agreed last time that our renewal contract was an open-contract. She charged us higher than market rental for her 'palace' that's inconvenient, and gave us a pathethic metal bed and a pathetically small wardrobe for 2 person (she only bought the furniture after we signed the TA). Though the rental supposed to cover the utiility, she changed her mind after that and wanted us to share the utility bill with her as she claimed the utility bill was very expensive. Furthermore, she told us she stayed alone before we signed the TA. When we moved in, we realised she was actually staying with her boyfriend, and this had shocked hell out of me when i saw him. It's a very very unpleasant experience staying there, and felt like being conned by the landlady. So, if you happen to come across a common room at lorong ah soo, blk 137 top floor, please be careful. I am writing this cause i dun wish another person to fall into this trap.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just came to Singapore several months ago and rented an apartment here. When I first read through the agreement, I was totally surprised...the agreement is totally skewed towards landlord! For example, one statement allows the onwer to let buyers to view the house anytime. I know I can refuse if I am not available. However, I receeive calls from agent everyday asking my availability...What the hell is that?! I paid a lot for my living place and that is not public. I am really frustrated with this...

nofearSingapore said...

anon 9.22:
It is a contract so your agent should have highlighted to u about the implication about allowing people to view the flat.But this is a standard clause but Usually the viewing is only when you are free.

You should not have let the agents call you directly. These agents are often motivated only by $ and will try their luck to make you allow them to view . Perhaps you should tell them to deal with them thru your agent and you tell your agent to screen through and only allow them to view only on a fixed time window per weekend.
I am a landlord and I also get agents calling me out of the blue to get my tenant to allow viewing. Usually I ignore them unless I am really serious about selling and only if the prospective is serious and willing to pay my price and not just viewing for "fun".
It is a tenant's market now so you should tailor the tenancy agreement in your favour.

Anonymous said...

Yea, my agent told me those are all usual and common clauses. If I know it is tenant's market now, I must try best to negotiate, but it's too late now, sign...

You know what, I have requested some kinds of lighting and curtains but none has been accomplished.

Guess my agent is not helpful enough. And in fact, renting in s'pore makes me feel quite unpleasant...the funny thing is, there are 20 clauses I have to comply, while just 5 for the landlord, just kidding...

Jonathan said...

This is really an amazing blog. Sometimes, tenants cause problems. While every landlord hopes that each of her tenants will comply with the rules, pay their rent in a timely manner and not bother others, problem tenants can make their life a nightmare. When this happens, a landlord has a few different options. Most landlords usually speak to the tenant in question in the hopes of encouraging a change in the unacceptable behavior. But, when that's no longer a viable solution, more drastic measures may be required. Evicting tenants is never pleasant, but it may be necessary. For more details please visit the link How To Evict Squatters.

Ruchi said...

My 2yr tenancy lease is getting over on March 7th and it is obvious that my LL wants to show the flat to prospective tenants but next weekend i am not around and she is saying if we do not allow her to show the flat in our absence then she will charge us for 'opportunity loss' - i think this is ridiculous - but do LL always do that? Is it a norm to show the house in the tenants absence?

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Ruichi,
The LL cannot enter your appartment without your consent. That will be criminal trespass. So long as you provide reasonable access ( this is ambiguous) the LL cannot accuse you of anything. But of course if you say that you are not free everyday or every weekend, then it would not be right.
Just stick to what's in the contract.
Best wishes

Dr Huang

Nuttey said...

Here is my experience with a greedy landlord - we had to return back to our country due to some unforeseen personal issues. We even found a replacement tenant replacement for the rest of the contract period - 16 months, we had already been here 10 months. The rental we were paying was Rs 3000, but now my landlady says she will agree with the replacement tenants and return the deposit only if they paid her 3100 as the rental for the rest of the contract period. (hey lady this is a replacement!) but she is too greedy. Since the market rate for that flat is only 3000 we and our agent are sure t find it hard to find tenants for this rate and i hardly have anymore time left as I need to packup ,so now we have agreed to pay her 1600 to top up what she wants (mind you this is not what is in the contract!!) vs what she will get. Since the law in Singapore are in favour of the landlords we agreed to the deal.
In fact my friends tell me that I should be happy that her greed stopped at 1600$ , there are people who had to forfeit the entire deposits. All this in spite of the fact we have maintained the house so well which even the landlady agreed to.
In fact I lived for couple of years in Singapore between 1998 and 2002, 10 years earlier I found everyone to be hard working, honest and less greedy, but when I returned in 2008 expecting the same I was surprised, i find a highly materialistic society. A landlady who is already making millions of dollars as a real estate agent , lives in a landed property and has 2 cars is making use of the law and the misfortune of her expat tenants to make 1600$ - that really sounds ridiculous to me. I hate to see my hard earned money go out like that. People like her will definitely realize one day that there is no end to greed and will never be able to sleep fitfully.
Though I wouldnt classify all landlords are greedy due to my experience with one - I can see the moral standards of the country getting skewed towards materialism. I had a high regard for how this country was 10 years earlier - but alas am saddened that it did not last!
I am glad I am leaving.

lawlady said...

A tenant background check should always be done.

lawlady said...

A tenant background check should always be done.

Anonymous said...

There are good and bad tenants.
There are good and bad landlords.

You can't do anything about it.

All you can do is request support from Law.
No, wait, Singapore's law doesn't give a shit about tenants.

So, why being a nice landlord?
I have more respect to nice landlord here because they don't have to.

Mine doesn't belong to the category I respect.
He never planned to hold his promises, and when I forced him to, he punished me:

I had him hanging over the apartment yesterday after multiple delays. Yesterday night, I move in: everything in the kitchen is gone. Well, I just had a verbal promise that everything would stay, especially knowing the landlord doesn't cook and never used anything.

My wife and our 9months old baby arrive tonight. There's no gas supply, there's nothing to heat the water to prepare the milk bottle.
I have to prepare everything in emergency today, and my landlord, who knew they were coming, planned to hang over the unit in the same time their plane landed: woman alone with baby and huge luggages through the city? Nothing to prepare baby's milk and food?
Not his problem. What's important is he prevented me from fleeing away and did according to his own whims.

I will never ever forgive that!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

We are the tenant and are in the process of handling over our apartment to the landlord(via an agent attached to a large real estate agency) and potentially facing disputes on what we consider as normal wear and tear( we truly believe we are more than reasonable in agreeing to fixing some of the items but for the rest, honestly it's extremely unreasonable request from the agent) but the agent insists us to fix them. In case of such dispute, is there any authority in Singapore that we can go for a fair "arbitration" of some sort. We would rather not going to the legal route though prepare to do so if it has to be. However, no doubt prefer a fair and less hectic settlement.

Eviction Defense said...

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kelly said...

In all our 3 years of renting to an expat, we have only increased rent once and only for $50. Your experience is horrible, Laura!

Anonymous said...

My ex-landlord is even worse. Never bother to fix up the house before we move in, the place is infested with ants, the main metal gate is spoilt and we have to climb in through the windows and the fridge is infested with ants and only changed when it broke down. The washing machines takes 2 weeks to be replaced. When it's time to leave the place and return the deposit they said that we damaged their already damaged glass shelf and also their half-broken old cupboard and wants to deduct $50 from our deposit. This is the landlord for #20-81 8A Boon Tiong Road.

Anonymous said...

My tenants damaged things in my house.... taps not working, flush not working, bed was ifested with bed bugs and the best part... the kitchen cabinet hard surface top had an ugly crack. And they are insisting on their deposit and called the police.... has anyone got to say anything about this?

Anonymous said...

This is for both tenants and landlords. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign.

If you want to deal on a handshake, why the need for a contract in the first place??

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I came back from overseas for a CNY trip just to find that my landlord came back 1 day earlier than his wife's schedule. It was irritating enough to see that he's occupying the living room with an ill-mannered sitting position on the sofa even when I walked pass him.

After unpacking my luggage, he knocked at my room's door to tell me that my room was very humid (how could he know that from standing outside?!?) and asked me to open the window for ventilation. While speaking to me, he was trying to look over my shoulders to see my room. I considered that as very inappropriate. So I shut the door, came outside, and told him not to look into my room. So he asked me to go into another room to demonstrate how to open the windows in his house. It took a few minutes as he kept on repeating his words.

Then I came back to my room to clean up for the new year. I took out the mosquito net and washed it. When I brought it to dry, he eagerly came up and took it away. Then he began his lecture on how to dry the mosquito net again. I had to walk out 3 times just to find that he called me back to listen.

Not the end, after while, he knocked at my room again to say that my room stinked the whole house (how could that be possible! I kept it clean, I didn't even fully open the door!). To the end of my cool, I argued back that the smell must be from his open-door storeroom or the unwashed sofa where he likes to stick there day&night. He still argued back that he's sure it's my room which is so far from his living room. So I told him I'll close the door and switch on the air-con so that he could enjoy the living room.

When I complained this to my mom and my aunts, they had a deeper concern about the landlady leaving me (college girl) alone with the landlord.

I already have a plan to leave Singapore in 2 months. Should I move out immediately or be extra careful for the rest of my stay?

Anonymous said...

While the rights of landlords and tenants in Singapore are primarily based on the tenancy contract, some of the claims made in the postings can only happen if the following circumstances existed:
1. The tenant is illitrate and signed an unfair agreemnt which stipulated and allowed the landlord to do whaTever he is purported to have done. WHAT OTHER EXPLANATION IS THERE WHEN THE TENANT ROLLS OVER & PLAY DEAD WHILE THE LANDLORD DID ALL THOSE HORRIBLE THINGS?
2. The tenant has rented a HDB apartment that is not approved by the HDB to be subleased. Again the tenant has to be an illitrate. Goto and "see the light"!
I am more inclined to think that the tenant is aware that there is no HDB approval, but decided not to insist on HDB approval, or s stamped tenancy agreement, because the rent is cheap and the tenant saves on the stamp duty. If you accept such conditions, your status in the HDB apartment is equivalent to that of an ILLEGAL SQUATTER! Is it any surprise when you are treated like one!

Anonymous said...

Same question as someone posted earlier. Is there an authority to turn to, if your landlord tries to screw you? ie turning normal "wear and tear" into "you have to paint the walls and pay for new floors & kitchen counter?". would be much greatful for advice.

Anonymous said...

apparently this is where you go to "get your day in court". lodging seesm easy enough, no lawers needed, admin fees are minimal.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm looking for your help/comments regarding my rental experience in Singapore.
I'm a foreigner working in Singapore since more than a year. I'm sharing a master bedroom in Simei MRT quite far from the MRT for 1750 SGD (after renegociation because it was 1800 in the beginning). Like I was in a hurry and didn't know the property market in Singapore I signed. My local colleagues told me that it's too high for the location..

The unit is partially furnished as the living room is completely empty. She bought furniture after the TA signature (my mattress 5 months after.)My flatmates and I are waiting for even a sofa since more than a year but she said that we are renting only our room!

She's really pushy when she wants to amend the contract. She puts whatever she wants inside and she chased us in order to sign it.. Last time she came in MY COMPANY OFFICE and talked to my HR saying totally false information about me! Lying that I don't pay my rental and that If I don't sign I am illegal in the unit..
I was really shocked! She destroyed my credibility at work and my reputation!
She keeps send me SMS or call my ANYTIME.
She sent defamatory emails about me to my flatmates saying that I'm a liar, I spend money on expensive goods, I am not honest and that she wants me to pay in order to do a "Spring cleaning" in the unit etc..
She's always doing blackmails /threats saying that she can by law kick me out of the unit if I don't sign or don't accept or new rules etc..

She enters the unit and our rooms when she can in order to spy or we really don't know why?? she enters without notice period and without our permission..
At first, the lady pretended to be an agent.. and she's finally not registered as an agent.. so we don't know who is she exactly.

There are so many things to tell, but the thing is that we are foreigners and we don't really know how to react..
A lawyer will be really expensive and it's written everywhere on internet that we can't do anything against landlords (we suppose that she's the real landlord actually..)

So, if you can help us, have some advices or else about what to do in our case..
You can ask me your questions, I will reply asap
many thanks in advance for your help!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Please be cautious in dealing with this person: Lim Beng Kang hp# 82613426, Block 25, 03-03, Brighton Ave.,Brighton View.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

every human have the ugly side.

i'm a landlord, i have problem with my tenant.
which is claim there is 4 person in the family (husband, wife, nephew 14y and child 6y )
at the end i found out he had delay payment which is due 3 weeks ago.
and have more than 6 person stay at the house. ( become 2 family and 1 single man )
what should we do. aggrement is very clear that he can't sub rent the unit. if he done that all the deposit will be fort.
they have stay 2 month, and we just visit them last night to ask for the latest valid visa just to find out there is another man staying there, and they have so many shoes and slipper out side.

we ask the girl, which is ussualy they will tell u honest, but when she just want to answer the second question her mother have hint her to stop. and she don't want to answer us.

should u say we are greedy if we go by tenancy agreement.
did your tenant know sing law, if there is illegal immigrant stay in our house HDB will take back the house.

we will allow if his relative come to sing for visiting. but this is different cases.

can u put your position on the opposite.

always need 2 hand to claps.
will landlord like us go by the book, if the tenant don't break the contract.

UpsetandWorried said...


I too am having many problems at this house. I am a single woman renting a common room and paying rent regularly. The people in the house include a very old couple - the old man maybe anywhere between 85 - 90 years - and their care taker who cooks and cleans the house. THe old woman is bed ridden and doesn't speak too much, even when she does it is apparent that she cannot construct sentences very well.

I took this house mainly because I have the liberty to cook here. I am strictly vegetarian, with a diagnosed IBS problem and therefore find it difficult to eat outside.

However, since I moved in I have been facing many difficulties. For instance, I was told that I could use the common bathroom and would only have to share it with the maid / care taker. However, there are so many visitors who come here, and all of them use the bathroom. If I am inside the bathroom, some of them even resorted to banging on the door! Most of these visitors hang around in the kitchen, watching and breathing down my neck literally when i am making tea etc.

For the first three months that I was here, the bathroom door was broken and until i called it to the attention of the landlord several times, it was not fixed. neither was the flush fixed. It was only fixed 6 months after my stay here! And with a lot of talk about how much money was involved.

Lately, i have been feeling even more insecure in this place considering the number of people who come and go - with the key to my room hanging in their main bunch, in plain sight and easy accessible to every visitor to the house. And i was told that one of the family members (male) advised the maid to check my room when i was not at home!

I am extremely worried and wish to shift out immediately. Upon giving my months notice the owner plainly said I have to forego my deposit. I had to point out to him that I have fulfilled the contract and I don't have to. He seemed 'upset' and 'angry'.

But for this month's notice, i'd like to shift out ASAP. I feel vulnerable and cannot sleep in the night. I wish there was a place where foreigners like myself could stay without such fear!

Anonymous said...

Talk about bad landlords? What about just us trying to protect our interests? I had a tenant that took out our entire alarm system in a 2-level semi D, as well as tenants who lived so horribly that 4 heaters in a 5 year old house all broke down, and lived so dirty that even rats came and infested the place?

Anonymous said...

I have a very dishonest landlord. My sister passed away just before I was shifting out my shop, as such i could not get the place reinstated before handing over. I also delayed returning a key for a day which I left in my room by mistake, she tried to make me pay the change of a glass door lock stating because she has already ordered the locksmith to get changed. I found out from the contractor that the change of lock is a request by her new tenant. After I exposed her dishonesty, she blackmailed me for an additional $1500, besides my rental deposits of $5000 being absorbed. I have previously checked with my contractor, and the reinstatement should be able to cover with my rental deposit. If I do not oblige, she will further demand an additional of $2000 of which she claims for the additional rental because I did not return the property reinstated. But this demand is not even stated in the TA. Any lawyer's advice?

Ally said...

Wow!! So much complains about SG landlords and lady. Well, I don't deny that there are many greedy landlords and ladys. lolx, Though I myself am a Singaporea.I too rent rooms for some personal reasons. And Ya, They keep increasing rent as and went they like.And treat you as if you are a animal in a zoo cage.I even experience having to stay with landlord who doesn't pay their PUB bills on time and ended up having no electricity!! Can you imagine how frustating it is after coming home from a long day work only to find out you have to get torch and candles and sleep in a humid room? I felt like I'm sleeping in an oven! Each time I face such unreasonable landlords or landlady my first instinct is to call up my agent and tell him/her to get me another place while I'm serving a one month notice to my landlord/lady! No need to have any conflicts. I'm weary of agents too and I depend on my intuition, level of how comfortable I am with the agent. I've met good agents too as well as nasty and greedy ones too. After being a tenant for almost 15 years and the all good and bad expereince with landlord/lady I learn alot and I'm glad that they had been my teacher because now I'm a landlady myself. I provide everythng that a tenant should have and giving them the freedom to use anything in the house as long as they take care and keep clean, but sad to say not all tenants are appreciative. Infact , I'm currently facing with one that spent an hour bathing everday. Throwing my brand new stuff without first consluting me. finished up my other tenant's pineapple tart and threw her pineapple tart container away without even telling her. And she told the the other tenant that I was the one who finish the tart!! @@ Goodness gracious me!! She was all good when she first came to stay but now all her true colours starts to show. She uses non low sud detergent for front load washer and I did tell her many times that non low sud washing detergent will cause the overflow of foams and when the balance foams desolve they will leak water from the washing machine.She felt that I was accusing her for the leaking.She gotten so angry with me that she told me she will handwash in in future! Yup she did! She took two hours just to wash 5 pieces of clothes! 2 hours water has been running nonstop!My other tenant and I had been using the washer for a year and never encountred foam party in the kitchen till she arrived. Never did she have the courtesy to apologise! No worries, small matter.I still am nice to her even though everday she comes home and give me her sour black face like as if I owe her a living. I don't! I'll just keep quiet. I will serve her one month notice and ask her to leave.I guess I am a very bad landlady and I wish her well that she will find a better landlord/lady other than me. Someone who will cook dinner and text her if she wanna eat, allowing her family member , relative or friends from china to come and stay with her without even charging her extra. Keeping the rent lower than the market rate as what I have been through, I just want to make my tenants feel at home and comfortable and I am not expecting anything back ya, not even including lies, foam party in kitchen , water party in bathroom nor things go missing like Bermuda Traingle! @@ Wonder why she still wanna carry one staying if she's feeling so miserable? And I truly can't take it anymore, that is why, I have to ask her to leave, by giving her a month notice to find a new place.I don't beleive in living under the same roof with another unhappy soul.

Ally said...

Hi anonymous. If your landlord/lady is charging blackmail u then you should make a police report. Next what you can do is, go to the nearest town council and talk to the town council as to what happen.ask the for advice on what should do. But I do agree that the key you accidentally left in the room and lock and she breaks open to get the key then ya, you should pay for it but no 200 is ridiculous amount. I change locks before and it costs around $130 and I still think its expensive.But oh well, when tenant leave,its a must to change lock. But on the other hand, I am curious as to why your landlady doesn't have a duplicate key? There is no need to engage a lawyer for this. What about talking to your agent? The one who gotten you this place? Will he/she help? If u decide to lodge a report make sure on your part you didnt do anything wrong first and ya, I don't agree if its blackmailing.that's not ethical. Good luck to you. hope you get this issue settled soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm a landlord myself, if all landlords are the same; same goes for the tenants too. I had rent room to 1 malaysian girl before, it was ok at the beginning. but later after rent to 2 girls (they're sisters). the younger girl bring her bf to my house, my family told me & before they move in already made it clear to them no other people are allow to my house. the true colour shown, things like laundry bag (wire) spoilt - just throw in a pail & expect 'maid' landlord to throw on their behalf. although I didn't speak English infront of them, doesn't mean I don't understand English. When I talk to them in English, they're speechless. they didn't even clean the room they rent for 1 month.
After 3 malaysian sisters moved out, rent to malaysian PR couple. beginning was ok, but later was totally hell. I had told them only light-cooking (cook soup only), but turn out they fried their food.
The wife hang her wet laundries right above where my family & I hang our towels.

When I need to use the washing machine, I spoke to the hubby in nice tone & asked him to hang his laundries coz I need to use the washing machine.
He replied was "huh? why can't I use the washing machine?" He show his attitude & true colour.

The hubby was control freak, asked why I didn't smile. I explained that there're nothing to be unhappy, the hubby can't do anything & asked his wife to asked me again. I feel weird, they have communication problem or what. I replied them in mandarin not in other language, the wife told me "if you're not happy, there's no point for us to rent from you."
Some tenants use this technique to move out, although tenants signed the contract or agreement which clearly stated no refund of deposit & which either party - eg. tenant who initiate want to move out, need to compensate the landlord equally to 1 month rental. in the end which of cause, they didn't do so & I do not wish to have anything to do with these two control-freaks. they & I agree to use deposit to offset the rental - until they move out. during the stay, the hubby sms me & start controlling to 'stop talking' as landlord, or whoever in the house have the right to speak. my family & I have to endure his nonsense. His wife made comment on me, calling me "Stupid". These control-freaks work in IT industry (CBD area).

the rental is include utilities bills.

No matter what contract or agreement had signed, tenants I encounter - they will try all means to take advantage of it. no matter landlord treat the tenants good or bad, the tenants won't appreciated.

Ally said...

There's a cooling period of 6 months in a tenant and owner contract agreement. And if the tenant decided to break this contract before the 6 months is up then the rental deposit will be confiscated and if they try to make things difficult then you should consult your agent but normally agent will disppear when they get their commission, and you won't see them around if there's a conflict between you and your tenant. You can go to small court claim to report the tenant for breaching contract and lodge a police report.But if its past the six months then no, the deposit its either you return them or off-set for the last month as serving notice of moving out.When comes to renting rooms out, I prefer single person and not two person in a room. Too many people too many conflicts and lifestlye ,attitude, behaviour etc are very different. Its easeir to handle single person than handling a couple. I've heard many nasty stories about couples too. Normally, I will screen my keen tenants to be and if I don't feel good, I will say no, no matter how sweet a face or courteous they can behave.I will still reject. haha..but that doesn't guarentee you a 100% perfect tenant. There's no such thing as perfect tenant or perfect landlord/lady just that how much we can accept each other short comings, to what extend. All these are risk taking.For me, its very simple, I list down all my do's and don't and will remind you if you forget but the only don't that I can't accept and will ask tenant to leave is when they refuse to listen , and do far more damage after you tell them nicely and bring people to the house without informing then yup, out they go, other than that I'm ok. Everyone is different. So we must actually know what we want from a tenant and what we can give and try to give and take,close one eyes at times but once cross that line then its time to reconsider.No need to get angry with them just be nice and tell them to look for another place to stay. And its up to them how they wanna react cos at the end of the day its about them not me. Whereever these people go, they will carry the same issue with them with other landlord/lady. Just bless them and wish them well that they will find a better landlord/lady. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a landlord myself ..rented out to a family for slightly more than 2.5 yrs now. First 2 yrs payment were never on time but just a few days or max 2 weeks late .I never chase after late payment for 2 yrs that to me is acceptable already. during the process i replaced 2 fans and fix the sink and minor toilet stuff which i bear all the costs.

contract rewnewed for another 1.5 yrs at no increase at all.!Not $1! In dec.
Before renewal,tenant request for a new fridge .
$800 new fridge was bought which tenant comment "not big enough".
the very next month in Jan, payment was not received from tenant.when ask tenant paid for feb and ask for some time due to business being slow.
mar payment was by part. and apr full n may part...which finally ended up owing 2 mth rent..
its so fustrating checking correct amt owed and if i be getting my rental much? Constant stress chasing rental and being kind doesnt really pay sometimes.I myself need the rental to pay for my own flats instalment! Interest will be charged if im late even for 1 day..!After numerous warnings owings finally cleared after 6 mth! Tenant damages some appliances and fixtures too.
Till this day in August I still have to give reminder in order to receive my rental which is still late.(2 weeks)

So to all tenant whose complaining about landlord.
We have to pay conservancy of the place as well as much higher property taxes ,we too have to pay our bills .Agent fees ,renovations and refurbishing costs and furnitures.

Just asking to have the agreed mthly payment on time and take care of our place like its your home.

Anonymous said...


I'm a foreigner in Singapore and working here too. I have a question regarding the law involving tenant-landlord agreement.

It goes like this...I want to terminate my current lease. I inform already my landlord verbally during the time he gets the rent. He said "yes!, no problem."
Now hours later, he called saying that my contract of the lease states it will expire on the November 2013. I was shocked to hear this since the time I sign the contract which
was last July 2,2013, I clearly told him that I will be staying 3 months prior to the signing date. I told him this since the effectivity of the room lease was made "BLANK" and the
duration of the rent was "BLANK" too!. I trusted him because he is very accommodating and this is the second time I sign the contract. There was no problem during the first contract.
Now back to the story...his response to what I've said was that I was the one that told him to change the three months to six months. I can clearly remember everything we had talked about last July 2,2013
since he met with all the tenants 1 by 1 because he was having problem with the Singapore Civil Defense Force conducting inspections in our area. He told us to tell if ever we will be questioned by the
authority on how much the rent was and to answer it with SGD 450 only when actually the rent is SGD 800! That's the time I conclude that this landlord is no good! Sad to say but why must we lie to the authority. Sad to say also that during the inspection conducted again, I wasnt able to attain or participate due to the nature of my work.
He also failed to give me a copy of the lease agreement.

Now my question is, is there a way to terminate the contract without sacrifising my deposit? Is there any legal grounds for me to argue the effectivity of the lease contract agreement between me and my landlord? Really need your help.

Thank you for your time!

Anonymous said...

I am a singel professional lady tenant. I rent an entire apartment and is considered a model tenant, often leaving properties in better condition than when I first move in. I travel a lot and is hardly home. Recently i moved into 3-year old apartment. And brought my elderly mom to live with me. As my mom spend a lot of time at home she started to discover issues with the apartment. Though only 3 years old, the previous tenant must have been a nightmare...upon closer inspection the kitchen oven and cooker is caked with grease and grime. There is no hot water in common bathroom and the motor on the fridge is broken. I had to hire professional cleaners to clean the kitchen and yet cannot entirely get rid of the grease and grime. The landlady fixed the hot water but refused to fix the fridge claiming that it's new. I asked if it was under warranty and she said no. They even had nerve to tell me that one month warranty right after I move in is over, hence they are not obliged to fix anything. I told them they are obliged to keep the place in tenantable condition and the rental includes a properly working fridge. What recourse is available to me? said...

Hi anonymous ( single prof lady):
1. the broker who helped you find this apartment should be able to advise
2. Lawyers/small claims court
3. New fridges all have warranty ( sometimes as long as 3 years)
4.I suppose the dispute is if the fridge is really broken ( as defined by the usual way).
5. Move out/stop paying rent if the fridge is not fixed.
It is a tenant's market now.
( I should not be saying this as I am a landlord myself! hahaha)
Dr Huang

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am tenant from across the causeway.

I rented a room from a young Malay man who currently resides at Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, BLK 340.

It's been a horrible experience.

I have been locked out more than once, the latest locked out was just last week and am still being locked out of the room despite having paid the rent for this month. The landlord gave the reason for the latest lock-out being that I brought a friend into the unit without his permission. My friend was only sitting in the kitchen for less than 2 hours! After a cat-and-mouse game including asking me and my friend to go down to the police station twice and he not turning up at all, we finally had a meeting last weekend. And the only thing he was going to re-imburse me was just the mover's cost. The irony of it all was that this landlord insisted on a minimum of 6 months for the tenancy term and he himself broke the tenancy in the beginning of the third month! As a result, I am now forced to house hunt again. He's even not offering to pay for the days where I had to put up at the B&B owing to him locking me out of the unit! On top of locking me out, there were constant harassment by the other family members including verbal and emotional and mental assault!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am tenant from across the causeway.

I rented a room from a young Malay man who currently resides at Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, BLK 430.

It's been a horrible experience.

I have been locked out more than once, the latest locked out was just last week and am still being locked out of the room despite having paid the rent for this month. The landlord gave the reason for the latest lock-out being that I brought a friend into the unit without his permission. My friend was only sitting in the kitchen for less than 2 hours! After a cat-and-mouse game including asking me and my friend to go down to the police station twice and he not turning up at all, we finally had a meeting last weekend. And the only thing he was going to re-imburse me was just the mover's cost. The irony of it all was that this landlord insisted on a minimum of 6 months for the tenancy term and he himself broke the tenancy in the beginning of the third month! As a result, I am now forced to house hunt again. He's even not offering to pay for the days where I had to put up at the B&B owing to him locking me out of the unit! On top of locking me out, there were constant harassment by the other family members including verbal and emotional and mental assault!

Anonymous said...

Ya hi all....

What bad experience I get for first time in my live renting a flat with all this problem come after 3mth of rental this flat.

I have been misled with agent by signing a agreement and landlord which are totally wrong. I am paying a whole unit price and I just get to know that I m paying for room only for $1,600.00.

When I move in from day one I did not received any documents at all after chasing agent after a month plus den I get our documents whereby problem start. Everyday there will people knocking the door looking for landlord chasing for payments etc.

So I planned to make the payment to landlord by making 2 times payment 1st $1k after a week the balance. Just to protect myself by being cheated. But unfortunately I getting msg from landlord stated that I HV to leave the house cause she HV no place to stay due to her husband bankrucy. So I was shock as I know either parties should give 1 month notice and cannot break the lease 1 year agreement which was agreed.

So, ever since I m first time and Dont know what to do I call HDB to check and verified things out and I am totally super duper shock.When HDB told and asking me questions which make me feel damn mad.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately on 21st March 2014 I was told by the Landlord to vacate the flat by 8th April 2014 thru sms. But for what i know termination of tenancy should be 1 month of notices instead of only 17 days.

Due to my unhappiness about the short notice given by the landlord, I called HDB to check and verify with the officer name Heng Hua Chiew and was surprise when the officer ask me afew questions which are:-

1. How much did u paid for your rental?
2. Why u pay so expensive for your rental?
3. What is your agreement between them a room or whole unit?
4. Are your landlord staying with you?

When the HDB officer ask me all those questions, i just answer him accordingly. I was shocked when the officer told me that i was over charge by the landlord becausd they only apply for "sublet of a bedroom" and not "the whole unit". I was shock and told the officer that was not true as now i have been living with my family only but with 1 bedroom locked which i was told by the agent on the 8th Dec that the landlord lock it for keeping their goods. I even told the officer that during the viewing of house & signing of agreement, all those while the agent knows that i only interested of renting a whole unit & that was when they offer me monthly rental of $1600.

When I was being told by the HDB that the landlord and agent only apply for "sublet of bedroom" due to uneligible of MOP, i told them that the agent and landlord did not declare anything about this matter during agreement. The HDB officer ask me to lodged a report.

When I view back all those agreement letter which was post to me on the 5th Feb, then i realise that the agent and landlord have actually submitted different application to HDB instead of whole unit & that was the time i realise i was misled by this agent and landlord by signing an a wrong agreement, the HDB ask me to lodge report against them for declaring a wrong statement to HDB without any delay.

After lodging a report against them. I make appointment with landlord and the agent on 26th March 2014. When we meet for discussion about the matters, I did telling them that the landlord have been breaking the lease agreement which we agreed for 1 year rental. I did also ask the agent and landlord on whether did they apply to HDB bedroom or whole unit? The landlord answer "bedroom" and I told them why dont they told me about this matters to me? The landlord ask me to ask agent. When i ask agent, he keep quite. I keep asking the agent why u didn't inform me before signing the contracts? The agent should inform me rather then just keeping quite from 8th December 2013 till 21st March 2014.

On 27th March 2014 me & my husband have make appointment with the agent again and we did explain to him that he have misled us and we wants our rights since the landlord themselves have already breach the contract by wanting us to vacant the house by 8th Apr.

Till today, they are NO actions from them as they are being quite. Now we are searching for new units to stay and also waiting answer from them. We only left 8 more days to search a new flat without any agreement made.

We now seek for your help what should we do as now we don't HV a shelter to stay and we need a lawyer too please do comment if u knew one.

nadia said...

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sunita said...

securtity deposit issue:i have kept the house as it is.nothing is damaged at all.all are in same condition as i was given by owner.i have kept the unit so well n clean.n now landlord is telling to deduct 400 sgd from security deposit.n i said we will meet n discuss on that then he says ok if u dont agree to pay 400 sgd then i will be closing the case.that means he is not returning any amount.
cant any leagal action be taken against these greedy cheap landlords?

Anonymous said...

I need to make a formal complaint about our greedy ex landlord. Can anyone give some advice on this? She has retained part of our deposit to renovate her home, and claims her parquet flooring needs stripped at our expense. We feel she has treated us unfairly, we handed back the property in immaculate condition including paying for a contractor for 2 days to touch up walls, change light bulbs to her specifications etc. Please help, she is such a bully we do not want other tenants to go through the same.

Anonymous said...

The two months deposit is a scam. It will never be returned to tenant. Majority of the condo landlords are greedy and ugly. They will take advantage Expats are leaving the country and will not pursue for the claim.

Anonymous said...

I am a tenant and rented a common room in Serangoon North avenue 1. The Landlady is taking rent + utility charges. After insisting many times she did not give me rental agreement. Is there any consumer forum which helps tenants ?

Anonymous said...

u may need refer to your contract if stated, otherwise, u are no rights.

recently, i just forfeited deposit plus 1 week rental due to the mad owner..i move out within 4 months!! most important, we have a peaceful life after work.

Anonymous said...

we are from the uk, and are really respectful to our landlord, Recently the landloard wants to started charging us if they feel that the kitchen is not cleaned to there standard at all times, wtf does this even mean, seriously, tried to talk to them about it, and they did not even make sense, felt like talking to some dictators, the funny think is I do clean, seem like a plot for us to stop using the kitchen or even think were a cash cow, even complaining electricity bill when we moved in to a place that includes bills. Does anyone know if its illegal to try charge us for something that's not on the contract we have the txt from her demanding that we pay if ther is any oil left on any surface lol, if so does that mean we can get out of the contract. today se even turned off the control of the air con something about at night. I feel this landlord will not give the deposit cause when I said for her to give us our notice and she actually said that oil on the top of surfaces count as damage, can anyone give me advice of were o go so I can be prepared, cause if there is nothing I can do I would like to know, cause I am the most nicest person, but if people like to fuck with me then I know how to play as well, il get one of those cheap aircons that eat up all the electricity, turn on all the appliances 24/7 so that the bills are super high and if that's not enough mistakes can happen and things brake in my room if im not careful when cleaning. I am not a bad person at all and have come to Singapore to enjoy a nice life and at the moment its like living with bipolar parents that have a drug problem. I am 30 ish now and have come along way from my teenage days but feel like if they keep pushing then the 16 year old will unleash out of me, I will never harm anyone, just make lots of noise in the room that I am renting out. Not all landlords are bad we lived with very good ones here in Singapore. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

If there is nothing I can do to get back my deposit then I will have to make there life hell with out touching anyone or shouting, iv come up with a few things,

1. I have her shouting at me, so I can put it on u tube with her face blocked out and send a letter to all the tenants living in our condo with the link of the youtube page.

use the electricity to the point where in the months we will live here il make sure she will have to use most of the deposit that she will keep on the bills.

3. try to make sure that I do leave 1900 worth of damage in the room,

4. actually try to bring here to small clams court, but have no idea were to start.

5 make friends with neighbour's make sure that they know shes a bitch.

and by the way on the contract it said not to the air con, in the afternoon, as I never knew how hot it was i did sign, so even if she controls the aircon i will go to firprice or giant and buy a air con, as the contract says "the room aircon" and did not specify that i could not use another aircon.

I come from different places, when u rent a room in other parts of the world its mostly means that you can do within reason what you want to do, here in Singapore it seems like they mostly want you to go to bed and get the fuck out of the house when awake. Singapore will never be a fully modern country till people stop being cunts, im sure there are lots of nice Singaporean. If any Singaporeans think im racist, well get a load of this, I feel this country is one of the most racist places i have ever been, first of how can the government not recognise that someone born here is not Singaporean, I was, and if there was even an add stating no Indians in any of the countries i have lived in they would prob be prosecuted instantly. Yes its the right for someone to pick and choose individuals but if you do it by race then that makes you a racist, there is no argument about that. btw i am not of indian decent, I just noticed the sickness when looking for a place

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Anonymous said...


This is to just letting any innocent newbie know some nasty people to avoid when you find rooms for rent in singapore.

BLK 211 serangoon av4 #4-11

landlord - Indian national.
Avoid at any cost. because the last thing you want is a lunatic.

I ve been through all the bullshit, you don't have to.

Anonymous said...


This is to just letting any innocent newbie know some nasty people to avoid when you find rooms for rent in singapore.

BLK 211 serangoon av4 #4-22

landlord - Indian national.
Avoid at any cost. because the last thing you want is a lunatic.

I ve been through all the bullshit, you don't have to

Cherilyn said...

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Anonymous said...

How can this thread changed topic from room rental woes to spell casting? Seriously people?

Anonymous said...

People have been long cursing that the market will correct itself and many rooms will be empty.

wonder if that ever happened ever since this blogpost started......

ever wondered why that dooms day never came up?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ma'am / Sir,

I am working here in Singapore, needing and seeking legal advice about my problem with my landlord. He will not give my 1 month deposit because according to him, as a normal tenant, i had to stay atleast 3 months and give him 1 month notice in advance. I am still in my 21st day as of today since i cannot take how dirty the place is. I will list the problems below:

1.) I paid 1 month advance/deposit but never gave a receipt. He told me to give the receipt and the tenancy agreement but he never gave.

2.) The area is dirty and not worth to pay as much as 500sgd. The reason I have moved in here because when I viewed before I decided to get the room, because he promised to do this,that, blah blah blah but he never did what he said.

3.) There are so many cockroaches and twice a rat entered in my room and just told me to spray the area but he never did.

4.) The CR is open and the drainage system is dirty. CR is near the kitchen and you and near in my room. You can hear if someone uses the toilet.

5.) Some tenants told me that the URA is under investigating the building but he just transfer some of his tenants to other building and left this building very messy.

6.) The building is not secured, it is almost 4 weeks that the gate is not repaired.

I just told Him to transfer to other flat and never said about the problem of the cleanliness and orderliness, but he refuse to gave me the deposit that is why I am seeking legal advice. Can you give me an advice mam/sir?

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

5 years on and this is still true. I'm in an ugly legal battle with my landlord.

Mine just made outrageous claims towards damages to the property.

Robin Wendy said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a Landlord. I think tenants have to responsibility to take care of the property when landlords allow them to use it, especially if its brand new!

I rented the Master and Common Rooms in my new HDB flat to a group 4 of Filipinos girls. I told them my expectations were that light cooking only, and they agreed. But the moment they moved in, they started frying their nuggets and hotdogs. I was even nice enough to buy a dining table and chairs for them when they requested it and also allowed them to eat in the kitchen when they only paid for the room. They even stayed in the kitchen up to 4 hours chatting away like they were in a restaurant! They literally treated this like a hotel, never had any intention to clean up!!! I closed one eye on the frying assuming that they would clean up after cooking, but they didn't! There were rice and oil stains on the floor and walls of the kitchen!! They even left a packet of sugar which is already opened in the drawer we provided them which attracted so many ants! When we told them about the ants infestation, they said its because of the hole which the ants come from. I though it was common sense that ants only come when there is a food source. =.= When they ate sweet stuff and dirtied the counter top, they don't even bother cleaning it up which also attracted so many ants. I thought cleanliness was common sense, but no, I had to treat them like dummies and tell them to clean up after themselves!

I bought everything brand new the day before they moved in. After only 4 months. the cupboard were broken, the drawers couldn't close. The bed frame was broken even though it can hold up to 120kg!

In the contract we stated no pasting things on the walls which can destroy the paintwork. They still did which left ugly marks on the walls. They even had pasted some stickers on the dressing table and in the wardrobe.

WORST of all, the Master room toilet is really gross because they pee'ed on the floor while bathing leaving yellow stains and urine smell when there is a toilet bowl just 2 steps away!! And on top of these they don't wash their toilet! Mind you, they are all girls! They also destroyed my vacuum basket holder which was also brand new!

I read from this blog that in such cases landlords would have already kicked them out confiscating their deposits, but I am still here suffering the 6 months contract I signed with them. So whose the bad one? The tenants or landlord?!

Anonymous said...

We had an bad experience from a landlord at Block 710 Woodlands Drive 70, Level 5 (common room). They shout and scream every night and early in the mornings (even on your rest days) to wake u up just to get you out of the house. If you do not like any tenant why do u have to rent your room out? For Money?! THEN BE MORE CONSIDERATE!

They are not honest people and unreasonable.

Avoid this common room at Woodland Drive 70 Level 5 at any cost as we do not want any tenant to suffer from this.

Anonymous said...

Hi All

I m bobo (tenant ) i m moving out soon, The landlord younger sister argue with say want to open all my baggage to check when i moving out, she say if not give her to check will report police.

I would like to ask got this suck thing? Between i not sign any agreement or contract. Can someone advise me how to do ?

Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

My greedy heartless landlord is telling us we have to move out within 3 days. We didnt do anything wrong!! And we just paid this months rent too.

Sandra Ehi said...

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Anonymous said...

10Yrs of being a tenant ,I must say majority of the hse owners(esp those unemployed elderly,) dun like the tenant to stay in their rented room for certain time,can only go back for sleeping purpose.I think is not fair since I paid for that room.

CherryBlossom88 said...

Yes. I do agree. The elderly unemployed ones are like that, and I end up staying in the office most of the time. It is terrible! They even expect us to turn on the tap small2, limit the usage of washing machine. I'm paying $750 for a room without WiFi and aircond. It is ridiculous to put so much restrictions on me. Her maid washes the toilet 2hours everyday and yet complained that the water bill is high. For God sake, I only bath once a day, and wash the clothes once every two weeks. How the hell could I caused the water bill to go sky high? Apart from that she also aligned me with the other guy who stays in the other block... Saying that he brought his clothes back to Malaysia every week to get it washed! Is that even reasonable??? I have great respect for elderly, but this one... Simply makes me speechless!

Jeffrey Ong Chen Hun said...

My question is any legal actions can be taken against these nasty landlords

❤ BAKA sasa ❤ said...

Any leagal actions can be taken against the landlord? I realized that my landlord keep entering my room everyday, and nasty somemore not allowed me to wash my hand at sink, so logically where should i wash? She dont even allowed me to use appropriate water level to wash my clothes thru washing machine. Please. Is there any idea what should i do for it?

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Anonymous said...

Had a bad experience with 389 Upper paya lebar road, owner want us to replace a whole door because water stain, complained that the sink is rusty when it can be easily removed with detergent. I am the unlucky person who stayed for the 6th year, where the condo has started to age, marble started to crack and water is leaking and the owner wants me to pay for all the repair. Greedy and unreasonable.

Valeria Diego said...

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Anonymous said...

My condo is new, the tenant is the first person to stay, we had a contract written, and he is the only occupant. The tenant bring friends and relatives to stay for week or more, without informing us.When question by security he mention that we were informed, which is not true.
We not sure is he doing AirBnb ? what should we do.
We afraid that he will damage our condo if we hard on him.

Anonymous said...

I was a tenant looking to rent. I met with an agent/owner and he agreed to rent me one bedroom. I gave him a 1 month deposit and the first month's rent and was looking forward to moving in in 2 weeks.

He suddenly stopped responding and has apparently left the country.

I did my due check that he was a licensed agent but because the agreement was between me and him, his company could not step in.

His name: Albert Pan Wei Shih
Company: PropNex

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