Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some laughs ( for a change)

Family guy clips

Hi Friends,

I thought since we have already embarked on conspiracy theories and other quasi-entertainment, might as well go the whole hog!

My kids and I love cartoons.

Our favourite now is:

Family Guy:

Characters : Peter Griffin(dumb Dad)
Louis (responsible and self-sacrificing Mum)
Chris (naive and severely emotionally-challenged son)
Meg (drama queen)
Stewie (looks like a baby but is a scheming control-freak who hates Louis and is destined to be future megalomaniac)
Brian (family dog who is really smarter than all except Stewie).

I beg you to give yourself a chance.

Watch it at least once before you dismiss me as childish!

Better still buy the whole season of DVD's ( but of course not the bootleg version from Shanghai's Xianyang market/Bangkok's Plantip Plaza or KL's Impian Plaza!)

I will post other cartoons ( or other more serious stuff) when I find them.

Dr. Huang Shoou Chyuan

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