Sunday, August 20, 2006

PM Lee National Day Rally Speech 20.8.06

PM Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally Speech (20.8.06)
(Channelnewsasia website)

Singapore – Our Future, Our Home

A.1 Text of Speech(from Channelnewsasia) :


1. Introduction
2. The Economy – sustaining growth, creating jobs
3. The Region – challenges and opportunities
4. Our Population – gathering talent in every field
5. The Digital Age – reaping benefits, managing risks
6. Singapore Heartware – commitment to our nation
7. Conclusion

A.2 Text of Speech transcribed from audio files ( from

B. Video of Speech


Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan


cornered singaporean said...

Pm lee knows less people is going to vote for PAP , so he start to bring more new voters or immigrates to add to his future vote... i worried about more crowded mrt trains and SBS buses with so many new people or so called " talent"... our citizenship is not for sale or lay long(great singapore sale), understand MR PM .
his new immigration policy will only result in more social problems and social friction among the races... what about social impact on our community?
what is the difference beteween singapore chinese and chinese chinese? is ba ba a singapore chinese? why put more label on singaporeans and trying to divide us .... he is going worst and crazy ... trying all sick ways to stay in power...

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that his speech did not inspire me at all. I was a little moved and convinced by his speech last year. But this year's speech is nothing but hogwash.

Anyway, would be interested in being a part of an independent online project?

Please do email me at: