Sunday, October 07, 2018

Silly hope that ST will not be like China Daily, Pravda or KCNA.

Yesterday was the last time I will be reading from a subscribed Singapore newspaper.

No right thinking person will read the China Daily expecting anything other than partial news that support the official line of the Chinese government. Ditto for Pravda ( Russian Federation) or KCNA ( North Korea).

The only reason we will feel angry when our only English newspaper appears biased and partisan towards the government ( which incidentally owns it in a not too complex shareholding structure) is that deep down somewhere in our hearts ( or brains) is that we thought that somehow the Journalists could be allowed to act and write as professional fair-minded Singaporeans (or maybe PRs).

I ( now I am getting personal) thought, naively now its clear, that the senior people that run the Straits Times ( now I have named the paper) have a conscience to do what is right for us. That they cannot be so blatantly biased or else I and others will get disgusted and not read their paper anymore. Well I was wrong and they were right.

They could and were and will be blatant and yet people like me , till yesterday, would buy and read with a glimmer of hope that is totally unwarranted. Hope that they will do the right thing. It wont happen anytime soon.

I have unsubscribed to the Straits Times. In investment terms we call this “cutting loss”.

Writing to the Forum Page ( and why I write) is also a rather unusual thought process. That is the subject of another post.

We live in difficult but exciting times.

Best wishes

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


Anonymous said...

6 months ago, I had copies of The Straits Times thrown daily into my front porch even though I did not subscribe for it. It went on for a months or so and I was expecting the newspaper vendor to collect payments from me but no one turn up. In the end, I ended up with piles of unread Straits Times which I donated to the Garang Guni man. I am still puzzled to this day.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Western media like the New York Times and the Washington Post do not echo their government's views and fairly report the news around the world?

Anonymous said...

The good fearless (or so we are led to believe) blogger-doctor here writes in his profile:
“In the event that any of your postings are deemed to be offensive or unsuitable for public viewing, as the author of this blog, I reserve the right to remove them.”

Well, well. How very Straits Times-like!

I guess all Stinkyporeans, be they in the pro-PAP camp or the other, are somehow ‘tainted’ (affected) by the long suffocating years they have lived under this more-Orwellian-than-Orwellian regime.

Hopeless place...
Sink ever more, Stinkingpore!