Friday, September 04, 2015

PAP and MSM no longer on the same page? MSM loosens shackles? #ge2015 #sgpolitics


Hi Friends,
1. AHPETC- it goes on ad nauseum and I continue to puke

The #GE2015 is in full swing and like the rest of the Singapore I cannot escape from hearing about the AHPETC ( Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council) saga. The 6 letters A.H.P.E.T.C haunt all of us to no end!

I will not bore you with the details but it is essentially a “he say… but she say.. and then he say.. she say etc.”sort of scenario.  Yawn! I think you get the picture. It is a stalemate mate!

Can I give the PAP a piece of advice- stop harping on it already! If you think the WP MP’s are all a bunch of crooks, please round them up and send them to jail already!
Saying that we should set higher standards ( than who? You?- you are kidding right?) than just not going to jail ( said LHL/KBW/S), or that it should not just be meeting the letter of the law but also the spirit of it ( NEH), is a bit hard to swallow, esply coming from the PAP, which is not exactly a role model ( to say the least).

I can’t think straight now, but off hand, PAP had Op Coldstore; Op Spectrum; YOG;  Brompton; Withdrawal of services from Hougang/PP / AIM/ AGO on PA etc.
Is there double standards? What do you think?

So besides believing the PAP (swallowing the bait, hook and sinker)  , that the PAP’s hearts are pure and virtuous, we are to believe that the WP’s are black and dirty?

What was mentioned by PAP and conversely by WP could plausibly be true ( depends on whom you speak to) … Now it just boils down to …
Either you believe it or not!

A favourite author of mine Murakami said in 1Q84 :
“If you can't understand it without an explanation, you can't understand it with an explanation.”

Or like Gerald Giam ( WP Candidate for East Coast GRC) said :   
“And just because the PAP does not want to accept our explanations does not mean we haven't explained”

2.PAP has done this before but why does it not work this time?
PAP has done this before in previous GE’s ( no surprise) eg James Gomez; JBJ; Tang  etc

But why is it different this time round compared to previous GE’s?  The MSM ( Maintream Media) or traditional media eg ST/Mediacorp etc is not having anymore of the status quo… The press wants freedom and democracy as much as the next guy? Is it possible?

I spoke to a SPH journalist and said that

The **** ( name of the newspaper) seem to be fairer to all sides this GE? . The journalist ( the sex hidden to hide the identity) said that in this day and age of the new media, **** has no choice. Readers will read from other sources ( or watch other video channels) if they deemed MSM being PAP’s mouthpiece.

BTW-Straits Times started as being anti-PAP!

Some one chided me that I should not praise journalists for just doing what they are supposed to?

But I am a hopeless optimist (naïve you say?)  and I feel that with the encouragement of the people and competition from new media, MSM eg Straits Times, LHZB , Mediacorp etc can step up to the plate and play its roles as the “Fourth Estate”

3. Singapore’s MSM is now our Fourth Estate? (don't laugh)
The “Fourth Estate’s” coinage has been attributed to Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797), a British politician. It comes from a quote in Thomas Carlyle's book, "Heros and Hero Worship in History" (1841).

"Burke said that there were three Estates in Parliament, but in the Reporters Gallery yonder, there sat a fourth Estate more important far than they all."

The three estates in the above quote referred to the British parliament,( the Lords Temporal, the Lords Spiritual and the Commons). The Lords Temporal and the Lords Spiritual combined being The House of Lords, the upper House of parliament. And the Commons is The House of Commons or the British lower House.

Am I naïve and will time prove that the MSM has a last trick up its sleeve and is just lulling me into a false sense of security and then pulling a fast one just before 9-11?

4.… but just in case I am wrong

Then I say, on Cooling off day (Sept 10)- do not watch or read any Singapore originated newspaper nor listen/watch any Mediacorp news broadcast.

Do we have to be do cynical?

May the best candidates win! Majullah Singapura!

Let's celebrate or mourn whatever the results may be and live and fight another day!

Oh.. don't forget we are all Singaporeans and we are doing this because we all love Singapore!
Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


theonion said...


Look at the auditors report directly written by WP own town council auditors for 4 years If you not trust both sides
If you as an investor was reading the report what would be your conclusion on the transparency and integrity.
Also considering their own town management company have started legally demanding fees, well , less say that WP seems to be receiving a great deal of criticism from their own.
If you like politics ala Malaysia Najib style, understood, can only consider Chiam See Tong opposition party for the moment

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