Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Changi General Hospital thinks out of box to solve overcrowding ( but I said it first)

Dear Friends

Changi General takes a small step ( but significant one) to try to solve severe overcrowding at the Accident & Emergency Dept ( A&E). ( click here)

It incentivises patient to try to seek treatment at their neighbourhood General Practitioners (GP) first.

If after that the GP still deems them serious enough to seek re-attendance at the A&E, they are accorded a $50 discount.

This is good as:
1. Non-emergency cases will be seen ( more quickly) by their GP's at a lower total cause. ie $30-50 GP fees compared to $100 A & E fees.
Even if re-attended at A & E : total fees will be $80-100 .

2. Non-emergency cases will not clog up the A&E- leaving the remaining ( ie less) emergency cases to be seen by the already over-burdened doctors/nurses.

Most stakeholders will be happier:
1. Non-emergency patient : happy! 2. Emergency patient: happy! 3. GP lagi happy! 4. A&E docs/nurses lagi lagi happy!

Slightly unhappy: if emergency case goes to EXPENSIVE GP who charges $150... then gets referred back to A&E to only get $50 discount... TOTAL BILL: $200 but he will be fast-tracked and does not have to wait with the rest of the crowd... so Not so unhappy!

BTW: CGH copied my idea! Really!

I wrote on this exact topic ( click here)  and this was published in the newspaper's forum pages and I thought it was forgotten... BUT.. no... nothing is ever wasted. I always thought it was feasible!

In life- there are always negative people who will pour cold water on anything new others want to introduce... why rock the boat ( they say)... society is not ready ( they say)... this is Singapore and we do things differently from the rest of the whole wide world ( they say)...

But I say- Huat Ah! Just say and do what you think is right! What is good for your fellow men... and women...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat Ah!

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


Richard Woo said...

Good work, Dr Huang.

That was a great suggestion, and contribution to society.

Dr Huang said...

Raymond Woo: Thanks.
In fact many Singaporeans do give good suggestions and it is up to enlightened administrators and politicians to find them and use them.
I give credit to CGH for daring to admit that they need to try new ways. There is a risk for trying new ways too- espy if they turn out not to work...But at least they have tried...
Dr Huang

Anonymous said...

I don't think the $50 discount will help. Patients with minor ailments visit the A&E out of convenience and mainly because the $100 fee is affordable and deemed to be value for money since it includes consultation, medications and tests. The only way to solve this problem is to increase the A&E fees to $300 or even higher. This will encourage those with minor ailments to visit a GP first.

patriot said...

Just a query for confirmation.
Those that go to GPs and are later refer to hospital; will they be disallowed to request for Classes B and C wards if they get hospitalized.
From what I know, patients refer to hospitals are charge at A Class Rate.


nofearSingapore said...

According to MOH website- if referred by GP to public hospital specialist clinic- patient becomes a non-subsidised ( paying) patient unless you are a CHAS ( Pioneer gen/ lower income) patient referred by CHAS GP

nofearSingapore said...

I think if they need admission they can choose to be subsidised class provided they do not need specific specialist ( consultant) to treat/operate on them.
Dr Huang