Sunday, July 21, 2013

How I chill out- When I don't take myself too seriously...

Dear friends,

I love this life.

I can choose to take Singapore seriously and try to dissect government policies or ( rarely) propose new ones or ... just chill out and do what I love best.

Also- I am pretty jaded about following the state of " he said/ she said" type of petty politics.

Too much negativity all round ( not just from VB and his people).

When I let loose, besides spending previous time with friends and loved ones ( not enough of both groups), I also do things by myself.

In this inner sanctum, that even my beloved is forbidden, I read books... and read happenings in my hobby groups ( and just wish...):

Books i just read:

1. Haruki Murakami : 1Q84 
I still love Norwegian Woods but I have to move on...

2. Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart 
How the west love to colonize all of us and make us white like them...

 Sadly Larsson and Achebe have both died! And Larsson's trilogy are the only books that have been published!!

Hobby groups I linger with ( but they don't know I am lurking behind in the dark)

1. Urban Sketchers Singapore ( very talented Sg artists)

2. Fountain Pen Lovers Group ( a new obsession that I will be speaking to my psychiatrist friends soon- before I spend all my children's inheritance)

Any comments, my friends?


Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


Eco Odysseys said...

Oh how we loved Hero pens and the stains they left on our white shirts and fingers.

Terrell said...

This is gorgeous!

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