Thursday, February 16, 2012

No By-election = Hougang Singaporeans not important?

Not having a timely by-election sends a negative message to Hougang residents

Author's note (19.2.12): This letter was published in Straits Times Forum ( Online) here

Dear Editor,
All of Singapore is acutely aware of the vacant seat in Hougang now that Mr. Yaw Shin Leong (formerly of WP) is no longer its elected MP. Although the law states that a by-election must be held when an MP has vacated his seat, it does not spell out when the Prime Minister must call the by-election.
However experts on constitutional law say that if no timeframe is stipulated, it should be interpreted as “ with all convenient speed” and SMU assistant law professor (Nominated MP) Eugene Tan, has quoted “three months” as a reasonable period.

Unfortunately on several occasions including two in 1986, single seats were left vacant for close to 2 years and by-elections were not held and replacement MP’s were elected only in the next general elections!

All of us understand that there are always important matters of state that require our politicians’ full attention. It will be the national   budget this week; the MRT inquiry in March or the Greek crisis and of course the US Presidential elections in November.

But how about Hougang’s residents?

Not to have a by-election in a timely manner or worse, not having an election till the next GE (possibly in 4 years’ time) would not just seem to disingenuously breach the spirit of the by-election act but will also signal to Hougang residents that their right to have an elected MP speak up for them in Parliament is unimportant. It is to take 23000 Singaporeans for granted!

We need assurance that a by-election for the vacant seat in Hougang SMC would be held at the soonest possible time after our very important budget.

Best wishes,
Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


Anonymous said...

Simply reason for govt to delay or even put off the by-election completely.

Reason one: Previous vacant seats are covered by other PAP MPs whether single seat or GRC, The govt is afraid of the 101% chance of Singaporeans voting in an opposition MP since the PAP was already in govt.

Reason 2: Govt would use this opportunity to carry out LKY's threat to Aljunied GRC on the Hougang people. This tactic would also stretch and hopefully also stress the WP in terms of covering Hougang without the regular MP.

Take my word, politics, esp. Singapore politics, can descend to appalling despearate levels.

There may be honour among thieves, but most definitely not among ruling party politicians.

Anonymous said...

i think no matter they delay or not delay pap will still lose hougang again

1) they delay too long hougang aljunied residents will get to see and know how much harder wp mps are working, they will be touch and respect wp mps even more. pap going to lose more votes to wp next election and this may spread to sengkang as well. so i do not think pap will delay.

2)pap i feel knows that if by election no delay hougang will 101%lose again but but but will have a good chance to cut wp lead to no more than 60% in hougang which is consider a win.

i dare to put my money on hougang to have by election very soon.

straits times already post dr article. now i am just trying to see forum page any more articles that will continue from dr article. i guess will have a lot.

recently i read forum page is those articles related to Indian national army. i feel very interesting the articles fighting each other.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi all,
My own friends are divided about whether govt will allow a Hougang by-election.
Perhaps not coincidentally, those above 50 feel that there will be NO by-election while the younger ones ( below 50) say that PAP has no choice ( due to moral and legal obligations) but to have one and maybe after sweetening the ground within 1-1.5 years.
I think the older ones ( like me ) who have known how dirty the "old politics" was e.g. how they treated JBJ/opposition members in the past, can imagine PM not calling by-elections. Younger ones who only remember fairer politics do not know how rotten things were not too long ago. Anyway this means the PAP has succeeded in marketing their new fairer image. Anyone one dares to bet that by-elections would not be held soon?
Dr Huang

Anonymous said...

actually i do not think pap is fairer because grc is still here.

as what goh meng seng has ask on tv, if let say punggol east smc mr speaker can win then why there is need for grc??? and mr speaker also cannot answer. and further more jbj also win smc before.

if this time wp field a non chinese and can still win hougang smc i feel pap should really abolish grc.

i will only consider to vote for pap candidates if all seats are smc. if not i will never.

i dare to bet on pap will never abolish grc.

Anonymous said...

There is always the possibility that By Election will be delayed to allow PAP to better prepare themselves. While this is a possible reason, Alternative Parties too can better prepare themselves too. Just hope that Alternative Parties and those Independent Candidates can just let WP to do have a one to one contest at Hougang.

Most Singaporeans believe that Hougang Voters will be with Workers Party.


Anonymous said...

govt buying bus for listed bus commpany how can do this thing????

if want to do this thing should issue the company shares to singaporeans like singtel shares last time

if not govt should not privatised the company.

Anonymous said...

last time jbj wanted to fight for by election but passed away. now hope ravi can help fight on.

he is now my singapore hero. he got to fight pm lee bro laywer as well. really brave. hope he can win. tan cheng bock said use conscience to be our guide. i follow this, i 100% feel ravi is the best and number lawyer in singapore.

for example: how can you sue me right doctor, if someone scold you inside my house. the house is mine but not the mouth. i can only ask the person to leave my house.

Anonymous said...

i feel the fas president, who is also mp for bishan toa payoh grc, should step down as fas president. how can singapore lose 1-7 to iraq?? iraq worn torn so badly still can play good football. fas spend a lot of time and money on the players and a number of players are once from other countries, why still so bad result?

or you tell me dr who should be responsible for the bad results?

Anonymous said...

Hougang voters could seek High Court clarification: experts

i read the article from yahoo.

hope really a lawyer with a kind soul like ravi or anyone can continue jbj case of going to court to ask for by election.

pls help hougang residents and all singaporeans once and for all.

we cannot let pap or any other political parties to keep this thing in suspend again.

what is the point of pap mp lawyer keep writing to today??? what can he confirm??? his boss pm lee should issue a clear statement himself.

pap should give us a definite answer, if within 7 days pap cannot, some brave lawyer please ask court to decide once and for all.

Anonymous said...

why mp nair why do not want to debate with toc??????why???????hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

haha now someone go to court to ask for by election. i feel i will bet on one of smu prof outcome, which is by election to be call soon and court case stop. and i will double my stake to bet on by elction will be call within a month.

i feel pm do not wish to bother court as they are so busy already.


Anonymous said...

Plis be patient,
by-election soon.

Anonymous said...

ravi fight in court all the way

Anonymous said...

i am very very very happy today a lot of docs speak up like you got aprof as well. thank you docs

Anonymous said...

minister to get about 1.6 mth bonus i think too much.

0.5 mth is more reasonable as our pm cannot even made a swift decision for by election and have to cause a poor resident to go to court and now whole of singapore has to wait for court decision.

Anonymous said...

i think some of the sof may suffer from psychology problems as well.

i guess the one who have to kill the hijacker caught alive should suffer the most now if the story is really true.

it will be interesting to hear the sof members side of stories as well.

maybe they can blog when when they retired.