Thursday, August 11, 2011

Automatic pay cut for Rehired Teachers after 62: Is MOE ageist?

Letter to Forum Page:
Addendum (18.8.11): Letter not published but editor reply appended below

Dear Editor,

 I refer to the ongoing debate about the Ministry Of Education’s (MOE) pay policy for teachers rehired after the retirement age of 62.

MOE explains that previously, rehiring was offered only on a selective basis and other than those who relinquished managerial responsibilities ( eg head of department), the rest were paid the last drawn salaries as their duties remained essentially the same.

However, in order to align itself with a civil service-wide exercise where all retiring teachers would be offered re-employment from 2012, MOE says that the present pay arrangement is no longer feasible.

MOE even said that it “values” the experience of senior teachers and "is deeply appreciative" of their contributions.

Unfortunately, these words sound disingenuous and just like “lip service” to many interested observers like myself.

Admittedly, all of us are aware that there will be some who require flexible or lighter workloads to suit their work-life balance and it is understood that their remuneration would obviously be affected eg mother who needs to work part-time or workers with disease conditions necessitating lesser stress etc.

However for the rest, can MOE confirm that as a matter of policy:

1.On reaching 62, a teacher who is willing and able to perform all previous duties,  will automatically get a pay cut?

      2.On reaching 62, a teacher who is willing and able to perform managerial duties eg HOD, will be asked to relinquish these positions?

      3.Reduced pay for rehired retirees is a civil service wide policy and there can be no deviance from this, notwithstanding the crucial role of teachers in nation building?

It is sad that on one hand, we complain that our human capital is our only resource, but on the other hand, we adhere to “ageist” policies that we claim to detest.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan




Latest Response from Newspaper Editor (18.8.11):

Dear Dr Huang,

Thanks for your contribution to Voices.

We received a good, comprehensive letter on this topic, echoing similar sentiments as yours, and it was published on the day you emailed us. You can also find the letter in Voices online ( <> ), where it has attracted a number of comments.

We were aware that the Education Ministry would be replying, and we published its letter today, along with a story on its latest update. Our letter writer has emailed me to say she was glad to see the outcome.

I appreciate that readers such as yourself were among the first to respond when the matter surfaced, and should you have more thoughtful views on news issues relevant to Singaporeans, please do continue to write to Voices.

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Anonymous said...

Actually not only is MOE ageist, but many other government agencies as well. There's still alot of lip service re: the treatment of our older workers.

Anonymous said...

Lip service and window dressing for propaganda and are hallmarks of our leadership.
As for discrimination of the older people in the workplace, it is pure exploitation.