Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Even Straits Times journalists are speaking up for Singaporeans!

Dear Friends,

Despite the all-too familiar headline in the Straits Times today “2-party system not workable here:PM”, there is no doubt in my mind that things here are a-changing.

Like a broken down gramaphone
“Nay-sayers” try to pour cold water on our brave and idealistic youths by saying that in this nation of 5 million, it is not possible to find more than 20 good men or women. They cannot even get enough men/women to join them!

To say that anything other than the present one-party system is not workable, sounds like someone reading from an old script belonging to a bygone era. Don’t they know they risk being accused of sounding like a broken gramaphone that repeats itself as the needle is stuck in a “recurring” groove. (Younger readers may not appreciate this as they may not have played any “records”). To some of us, this message is akin to trying to” fit a round peg into a square hole.” It just does not “square” with reality (pardon the pun).

Even ST is a-changing?
Even our infamous Straits Times is a-changing ( or sort of).
There is more coverage of non-PAP pre-election activities and surprise… much of it sounds rather objective too.

Most-surprising (to me) is the fact that many of ST’s journalists are writing candid articles that in the pre-new media era would have been unheard of.

ST journalists standing up to be counted

1. Lydia Lim : “Why voters play hard to get with the PAP” said “It is because they believe the odds are stacked in the ruling party's favour” alluding to the perception that the playing field is too overwhelmingly skewed towards the PAP. Click here

2. Kor Kian Beng: “Getting to know the opposition” said “After all, everyone on both sides of the fence is a Singaporean trying to improve this place we call home”
Click here

3. Chua Mui Hoong: “ We must give the PAP 48%. Wake them up” said ( quoting one resident” The People’s Action Party doesn’t take care of Singaporeans any more.”
Click here

4. Cassandra Chew:” The voter’s GRC dilemma” when comparing the GRC to buying pre-packed onions in a bag” Click here
Cassandra said: "At the supermarket, I usually go for the bag without any bad onions. To me, getting average onions is better than having to deal with the rotten onion at all.”
A netizen in my facebook half-jokingly commented “ did someone just referred to Miss T as bad onion?” I am sure that thought was furthest from Cassandra’s mind.

5. Aaron Low: “Going beyong charisma politics” said “And hopefully the other opposition parties will follow (WP)Mr Low’s lead in creating parties of substance rather than to depend on individuals to draw in votes.” Click here. I say Amen to that too.

I have always believed that even ST’s journalists are human beings like you and I. When you cut them ( not that I am encouraging you to), they will bleed. Most of the time, it is crimson red like yours and mine.

They have restraints that they need to work around. Most of them have consciences too.

Let us hope that I do not need to “stand corrected”

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan


The Pariah said...

Indeed, SOME of the younger ST reporters are conscionable. I gather that the sub-editors and editors are playing Darth Vader.

Why can't the mainstream media be allowed to be the Fourth Estate and reflect ground views - even if they are raw?

As if that is not enough, why must the hundreds of millions of taxpayers' money be wasted on operating REACH Forum?

Typically, only the converted will converse within REACH.

Doesn't this point to PAP's craving for sycophancy? Still, it takes two hands to clap.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the MIW...

Only the MIW can "loved" themselves. By finding all ways and means to do so.

How incestious is that!

And how pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Dont get too happy, too early.

The battle orders have not been issued yet.

Wait for the Jekyll & Hide change once the opposition names their candidates.

Then, you'll see the MSM's true colors.

Character assassination is merely par for the course.

The Pariah said...

Dear Dr Huang:

ST (14 Apr) - I'm pissed and dissed by Reporter Tony Ng's parroting of how MOH survey affirmed it's top-notch rating.

You are a doctor in private practice but I don't know if you are also a consultant in govt/restructured hospitals.

This is citizenry experience - Up Close and Personal:

1. As subsidized patient, wait 2-3 months for specialist appt. As private patient, next-day appt.

After 2-3 mth wait:
- If choose B1 ward for surgery, auto-upgrade from subsidized to private.
- If choose B2 or C ward, get ready to be demeaned during means-testing.

2. First World Spore: MOH budget - 4% GDP gross (2.5% net of Medisave reimbursement)

Third World Msia: MOH budget - 5% GDP

3. Population:
1990 - 3mn
2010 - 5mn

7-tower condo: Only 3 years to build

Sengkang Hospital: Nearly 10 years to build (2011 announced; 2020 completion target)

4. Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan:

On the one hand - Make Singapore Global Medical Tourism Hub.

On the other hand - Relax Medisave withdrawal for Singaporeans to go Malacca for "elective surgery"

5. Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan is Co-Chairman of Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council.

Is it because MOH is not enuf to keep Minister Khaw busy?

Or did economically vibrant Jiangsu took up so much of Minister Khaw's time that Khaw in the end publicly apologized that ambulances had to drive around looking for hospital beds?

But Finance Minister Tharman said during CNA Political Forum there is 85% hospital bed availability.


Minister Khaw's clever solution: Unless life-and-death case, A&E will send patients home to self-monitor for certain symptons. If those symptons surface, return to A&E and be admitted upon 2nd visit.

Pray, tell me, Dr Huang, if I am as wrong as can be! I wannabe wrong.

The Pariah