Saturday, October 03, 2009

Upgrading PP & Hougang: Righting a shameful wrong

Dear Friends,

Despite the good that our PAP leaders have done, shameful partisan acts such as denying public resources to tax-paying citizens just because they exercised their constitutional right to elect a Member of Parliament (MP) of their choice, would negatively impact on their historical legacy when they have finally left the stage ( or the world).

Neutral historians ( not the Men-in-white type) will always add a post-script such as … “notwithstanding his positive contributions, he would also be remembered for controversial policies which…” ( feel free to complete the para).

Now that our rulers have decided to reverse their stand, what do we see? We see losing ( not loser) political candidates come out and try to claim the limelight ( and maybe credit as well).

Where were these PAP men when their party masters took away these rights from their prospective constituents? Did they raise vociferous objections or resign in protest? ( maybe they did but the MSM did not report them?).

They are now forming committees to help residents vote for the upgrading-the denial of which they or their predecessors consented to by their sheepish silence and lack of spine.

Oh, should not the voting be under the purview of the rightfully elected MP, the right honourable Chiam See Tong and (perhaps later) Low Kia Thiang?

"Shame. Shame,Shame... Shame on you!" ( sang Caroline Fernandez in a Talentine contest decades ago) Correction (5.10.09 8.40pm- it should be Carol Ann Fernandez)

Enough said!

Dr Huang Shoou Chyuan

Ref: ChannelNewsasia

HDB blocks 101 to 109 in Potong Pasir Ave 1 to get lift upgrading

02 October 2009 1907 hrs

SINGAPORE: Blocks 101 to 109 in Potong Pasir Avenue 1 will be the first in an opposition ward to undergo lift upgrading, according to People's Action Party (PAP) adviser to Potong Pasir, Sitoh Yih Pin, in a news release on Friday evening. In July, the government announced that some blocks in opposition-held Potong Pasir and Hougang will come under the Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP). The plan is to have all eligible blocks go under the programme by 2014. Mr Sitoh, who was also the PAP's candidate in Potong Pasir in the last election, added that he will be forming a working committee. This committee will implement the upgrading, which involves garnering a necessary 75 per cent support from affected residents. The scope of works for LUP includes an overhaul of existing lifts and works required to give direct lift access on every floor.


Gerald Giam said...

It's shameful and revolting, just like all those huge banners that Sitoh and Eric Low put up in PP and Hougang, as if they are the MP. I've written to HDB about this on my blog:

Cliff said...

I live in potong pasir and as a resident. I'm sick of these politics the Men in White are playing.

To the masses, having the PAP "Advisors" announce the upgrading gives the impression that they had a part to play, when it should have been a partisan decision by HDB. Our national propaganda paper is also very helpful in giving them the exposure thus increasing their profile.

I just hope that all the other residents here sees it as it is and not give PAPAya the credit as they vote for the LUP program.

FYI, only a few selected blocks in PP are announced to undergo the LUP. I suspect these blocks are chosen as the highest number of opposition supporters and thus hoping to soften their stance when election comes.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Gerald & Cliff,
An apology is owed to the valiant residents in Potong Pasir and Hougang.
They deserve the Purple Heart, PBM, BBM etc much more than any other Singaporeans!

Eden Gold said...

It's shameful and revolting, just like all those huge banners that Sitoh and Eric Low put up in PP and Hougang, as if they are the MP.