Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP: MJ- A Child star without a childhood

The King of Pop of my generation has died.

For Singaporeans of my generation who are wedged between the “Baby Boomers and Gen X”, MJ best personifies our childhood and teenage years.
Perhaps only the Bee Gees had as much impact on my life.
I grew up following MJ firstly as one of the Jackson Five and later when he went solo.
I collected MJ’s albums initially as “LP records” then as audio-cassettes and finally as CD’s. Although many of my earlier collectibles were bootleg versions, my admiration for Michael’s contribution to the music scene was genuine.
I was at the National Stadium when he last performed live in Singapore.
Fortuitously, the news about his tragic personal affairs broke into the public domain soon after that. I then understood why Michael cried at the stage in Kallang.
Even now, my generation still considers him as a “misunderstood manchild” and does not pay much credence to alleged accusations of paedophila.
He was just a child who never grew up.
We laughed to ourselves when we heard how he spent millions at luxury toystores, when he built Neverneverland in pursuit of his lost childhood and even when he denied ever having several badly performed plastic surgeries.
Michael, a bit of me dies with you.
Finally Michael, you are the man.

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan


aliendoc said...

I could hardly believe my ears when I heard about his death. I guess it was partly because of his Peter Pan persona, as you very aptly described. A man-child who never quite experienced a normal childhood & as a result, never quite grew up.
I hope that his children will be taken care of by someone "normal".

An icon of our era has gone.

May he rest in peace.

SHIMURE said...

MJ is a legend and an icon.

One lesson which we can draw from his life story is that being an icon is not easy. your every action is being scrutinised and you lack personal space or peace.

I feel personally that although he perhaps wanted to grow up and mature in person, the media or his marketing agents suggested otherwise.

the price of fame

May he finally find peace.