Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will my country just do the Right Thing?

Hi Friends,
A letter to the editor about a general non-specific topic!

Dear editor,

Re:Doing the Right Thing!

I am not referring to any case that is before our courts for that would constitute “sub judice” and anyone making inappropriate public comments may be deemed to be guilty of contempt of court.

With hand on heart, I feel that it is an honour for any young man to serve his country especially in the prime of his youth. I have done it and many who came before and after me did too!

On the same token, Singapore should feel honored to help or compensate adequately any person who has suffered as a direct or indirect result of this service.

There should be no splitting of hairs and the resorting to fine prints about what does or does not constitute actual service.

For the sakes of all our fine young men past, present and future, will Singapore just do the Right Thing!

Thank you

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan


redbean said...

what will happen if the uniformed personnel would to quote this case and say i am on duty only from 0800-1700hrs. outside of this period don't call me?

when has the uniformed group degenerated to this state of working according to the clock? in my time, we are practically on duty at all times. it is our obligation and duty as a soldier to serve at all hours when needed.

what shit is 0800-1700hrs? most of the time we are on duty or on call 24 hrs a day.

nofearSingapore said...

The whole matter is really baffling.

There is much anger among all my friends.

The respect for govt ( which was not high in the first place), has gone down many many notches!

Anonymous said...

If Singapore needs to go to war, NS men please note the time of the call-up hor. Anything after 1700 or before 0800, you can ask MINDEF to go fly kite!

Anonymous said...

Damn Damn stupid that this matter had to go to court. Some goondus goofed up at the higheest level, trying to save some money for the Army. Case of Penny wise, pound foolish? Maybe PM Lee and Teo Chee Hean can donate part of their pay rise to help this young man. Even if the court find SAF culpable, the damage has been done.

joe said...

I have done my 2.5 years and 10 year cycle. Sure, the Army has gone from ZERO-G to the THREE-G but their mentality has stayed the same.

NSFs are treated with a lot of distrust. Practically, no one like the Army, except for career soldiers.

The underlying resentment and anger for this national service is far greater than they would have imagined.

After ICTs, most of the reservists remembered about the gatherings of old mates and no one remember or give a damn about what was done militarily.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if you suffer a fracture while training in army but choose to see outside doctor, the army accuse you of not reporting your injury, and therefore not responsible for compensation. This is what happen when one serve in a kangaroo state.

Anonymous said...

One may be on duty from 0800 hours to 1700 hours as stipulated in the Routine Orders but for all intent and purposes, one cannot be legally considered as being taken off from his duties when 1700 hours has arrived, UNTIL AND UNLESS he/she has handed over his duties to the next person.

In the present case of the NSF in coma, it is very obvious to me that he HAS NOT HANDED OVER his duties to the next person because of the fact that THE KEYS to the storerooms were still in his pocket at the time when they found him lying unconscious on the ground within the camp compound!

This fact alone is enough to substantiate that he was still ON DUTY when the incident/accident happened that resulted in his being in coma for so long.

Ex-Military Law Exam Distinction Holder.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this,

but I have to say it.

Everything in this country is in a mess, haywire so to say.