Monday, December 29, 2008

Tribute to Emeritus Professor Wong Hock Boon

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I sent the following letter to the forum page and ST has confirmed that it will be published:

Tribute to Emeritus Professor Wong Hock Boon

The passing on of Emeritus Professor Wong Hock Boon has saddened Singapore’s closely-knit medical community.

Professor Wong Hock Boon was without a doubt the father of Paediatric Medicine in Singapore and had almost single-handedly influenced the lives of thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students and doctors who had the fortune of being taught by him during his famous didactic lectures and the grand ward rounds. The latter were held 365 days a year!

Prof Wong’s academic credential is world renown but he is also remembered by patients and friends for his humility and humanity. As Prof. Wong’s wife Lily commented recently, he shunned media attention and would rather focus his energy on his research and patients.

Even though his daughter Julia, also a paediatrician (what else?), had to “wrestle” with scores of doctors for a share of her father’s love and affection, she must be immensely proud that her father is one of Singapore’s greatest sons and that he will be greatly missed by all of us.

Young doctors in Singapore, have lost a role model- one that I can safely vouch, will not be seen again in my lifetime.

The authorities should honor Professor Wong in a way befitting his immeasurable contributions to our nation.

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan
PS:I was Julia's classmate in Medical school and schoolmate in JC


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Sign the condolence book,pay your last respect to this great man on

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