Monday, April 21, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay: Hey China, what about Singapore?

The Olympic torch is due to make its way through the streets of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, the latest leg of a worldwide relay.

Malaysian officials said they were not expecting any protests.

The torch drew high-profile demonstrations from pro-Tibet activists as it passed through cities such as London, Paris and San Francisco.

However, it also made peaceful progress through cities including Bangkok in Thailand and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Landmark route

Monday's 16km (9.9 mile) torch relay route will take the Olympic symbol past some of Kuala Lumpur's landmarks, finishing at Malaysia's iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Some 1,000 policemen and commandos will be posted along the route, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The torch will then travel from Kuala Lumpur to the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Monday night.

Protests in London and Paris - where demonstrators angry at Chinese occupation of Tibet tried to disrupt the relay - have created headlines across the world.

During the latest leg of the relay, in Bangkok, more than 2,000 police guarded the torch, and barricades were set up along parts of the 10km route.

Hundreds of anti-China protesters were faced by Beijing supporters, but there was no major disruption.

Meanwhile, China has urged its citizens to be calm amid further anti-Western protests in the country, focused on French supermarket chain Carrefour.

The protesters have been angered by disruption of the torch relay.

My comments

Hi Friends,

Has anyone noticed anything amiss here?

The sacred Olympic torch which was carried from Mt Olympus through Europe, went to the Americas and was then brought through Asia. In the past few days, it went through India, Thailand and will pass through Malaysia today and will then go to … Indonesia etc and beyond.

Any primary school student will tell you that Singapore lies in between Malaysia and Indonesia. But the torch relay will inexplicably bypass Singapore completely! It seems almost intentional!

Rumour has it that when the itinerary for the relay was planned, Lee Hsien Loong was involved in the contentious trip to Taipei. It incensed Beijing so much that we were left out of the relay to show us who the boss was. Anyone can confirm this?

It must be psychologically bruising for our rulers to be publicly humiliated by China like this. And to think that we stood up like a sore thumb defending China’s honour at this time, the hour of their need. How ironic!

Let me put on record that I feel that Beijing deserves to be the host of the Olympics and that mixing of politics with sports is not desirable and “not cricket”. I also personally sense that many “mainly Western” interest groups directly or indirectly appear to take advantage of the publicity to make China look bad.

But from Beijing’s action of excluding Singapore from the momentous relay, China is signalling to us that we are very insignificant and small. Notwithstanding our support for her policies in the past, we are as good as “peanuts” to them!

Such is the reality of life.

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan
Route of the Olympic torch relay for the Beijing Games:
March 24-29: Greece.
March 31: Beijing.
April 2: Almaty, Kazakhstan.
April 3: Istanbul, Turkey.
April 5: St. Petersburg, Russia.
April 6: London.
April 7: Paris.
April 9: San Francisco.
April 11: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
April 13: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
April 14: Muscat, Oman.
April 16: Islamabad, Pakistan.
April 17: New Delhi, India.
April 19: Bangkok, Thailand.
April 21: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
April 22: Jakarta, Indonesia.
April 24: Canberra, Australia.
April 26: Nagano, Japan.
April 27: Seoul, South Korea.
April 28: Pyongyang, North Korea.
April 29: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
May 2: Hong Kong.
May 3: Macao.
May 4-10: Enters Chinese provinces, including at one point, a trip up Mount Everest from the Tibet side.
May 20-21 Shanghai.
Aug. 6: Beijing.
Aug. 8: Start of Olympics.
Official Web site of the torch relay:
Detailed list:


Anonymous said...

I have been curious about the same question why Singapore is skipped too.

If your speculation of your prime minister's move, that would explain it, and therefore Singapore is deserved to be humiliated.

Don't ever do that again! :)

nofearSingapore said...

OK! I will tell PM LHL not to secretly go to Taipei again!

Dr Huang

Anonymous said...

That protester trying to take the torch from the wheelchair girl in your picture there doesn't look French. It looks like a Tibetan. So why are the Chinese protesting the French? Maybe they should protest Tibet for sending that protester to France!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Huang;
I am afraid You are reading too much into it, like another Blogger, who blogged about Singaporeans have to apply for Visas to visit China.

Maybe, I should be allowed to link both issues. If I read them correctly, it will mean that our Olympic Teams and spectators will have to have Visas to be at the Olympic 2008 in China.

As for the Torch Relay not going through Singapore, personally, I think it does crossed over us. From Malaysia, North to Singapore, it moves to South to Indonesia and Singapore is in between the Two. In a way, I think the Torch will pass through us though not physically in action.

To link PMs' visit to Taiwan for the Bypass of the Olympic Torch Relay may not be totally right. Taiwanese take Singapore as a 'peesai'(droplet of mucus/ a discharge of the body), then how can China takes Singapore as 'peanut'. Peanut is much bigger in size and more useful than 'peesai' lah!


Onlooker said...

More reason for us to boycott their byproducts that INCLUDE FT's body fluid produce in playgrounds.
I love Taiwan product Esp Wang zai xiao man tou 旺仔小馒头.
Everyone shout "旺旺" But do not consume those made in china factory.

nofearSingapore said...

patriot: I am glad that you are happy that as long as the torch passes over Singapore ( even if it is in an airplane and not by torch-bearers), we are considered as having participated in this historic event.

But I am not so sure if LHL is as happy. Maybe some people were hoping that by showing “strong support “ for China last week, China will suddenly realize that they left us out. Ha ha. I hope whatever LHL went to Taipei for was worth it!

Never mind, we will have our Youth Olympic Games (YOG) and we will make amends by skipping China when we bring the flame from Olympus ( or does the YOG torch relay start from Disneyland – as YOG is for youths and kids)! (Just kidding).

Should I write to the forum page and ask them why the torch relay skipped us? Better not- like rubbing salt into raw and festering wounds!

Onlooker: I have not tried the Taiwanese stuff you recommended. Maybe when I am in Taipei ( with some Singaporean politicians’ entourage) I will try it. Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

I m also curious about the same question ,I have been longing to watch the news and see how peaceful the torch being held may be through Orchard Rd then end at Padang.We want the see the minister's cheer and not inmaging the "Torch" pass Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Although the guy who tried to rob the torch didn't look to be a "real" french, the Paris city council or even some goons and thugs in the french senate staged to have loosen security force to bring humiliation to the torch relay (thus China & Chinese prides).

The french hung a big fat "human rights" banner at the closing ceremony hall to ask those Chinese (olympic delegates) to crawl under. China refused to be humiliated and thus canceled the closing ceremony.

Today, the Paris city council has just awarded "citizen of honor" to that Dalai terrorist.

The same thing happended in San Francisco, where the city council planned for all the humiliate "hide and seek" game with the torch. Damn them to have bad karma!

Anonymous said...

i am definitely angry they miss my country!

Anonymous said...

actually I am quite pleased that the torch relay skipped Singapore. Look at the massive resources needed and the disruptions caused. Perhaps declined.

Tim Dunn, Realtor said...

If Singaporeans allow ethnic pride to lead to identification with all of the acts of China, Singapore will be branded with China's crimes against the Tibetans. Does Singapore really want that? Think twice! Millions of people worldwide despise China for its brutal conquest and occupation of Tibet, and its oppression of human rights workers. Boycott Chinese goods, boycott the Olympic opening ceremony, and free Tibet!

gg said...

The comment made by Tim Dunn shows a typical example of how western media has successfully brainwashed their ppl. Tibet has been part of china long long before the whites arrived america. Look at what whites did in america - slaughered millions of the native india and occupied their land. Now the very same whites stand at moral highland and are accusing chinese. Do you whites feel shameful? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Actually ar..i also want to know why singapore not in torch relay.Even tho i am not singaporean(i studied here tho).But torch is in HK here today!!V excited! :)

Anonymous said...

dear Dr Huang,

Thank you for your article and with others, they have woke me up from my usual resigned attitude to current affairs in Singapore.

After reading Today SNOC's reply,I surfed the net to try to get a better understanding of things as events had unfolded.
I am now indeed happy that the olympics torch has skipped Singapore - thus so, because people from "Reporters Without Border" (RWB) did come here to do their disruption work as they did in Paris, London, LA, etc
Further insights - I found this from the RWB websites, check it out.
Quote "RWB receiving financing from the National Endowment For Democracy formed in 1983 by President Ronald Regan, and it is an organisation dependent on the US Department of State" unquote
We are indeed fortunate - now Singapore do not need to deal with any aftermaths, USA, China, etc, Congratulations to SNOC - you did well despite what you wrote about having no influence to the torch's route.
Keep it up SNOC.I look forward to a good showing of the YOG - you can do it to Singapore's pride.Thank you.

Oversea Singaporean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oversea Singaporean said...

I'm still upset that Singapore has been skipped...

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Dr Huang,

I've just read your blog post titled "Olympic Torch Relay: Hey China, what about Singapore?". I am a Chinese PR from Chengdu, Sichuan and live in Singapore. I agree with you very much that Singapore should have been part of the torch relay route. I think it is a stupid idea for them to exclude Singapore in the route. =)


NB: Sam emailed me and I am posting his comments here. Dr.Huang

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a sort of satellite for the US. The country with the closest relationship (military and economy).

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