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Malaysia’s GE Tsunami and implications for Singapore

Hi Friends,

Malaysia’s rakyat has spoken

Malaysia’s rakyat (people) has spoken in no uncertain terms.

In one fell swoop, Malaysian political’s landscape was unimaginably changed. Barisan Nasional (BN), the national coalition which consisted of racially-based component parties which until yesterday was supposed to give the different races a representative voice in the higher echelons of political power is no more.

Malaysia’s politics reached the “Tipping Point” yesterday.

BN has lost its 2/3 majority and is now holding on to power ever so tenuously. It does not have the mandate to amend any articles of its constitution. MIC, the Indian party is decimated as is Gerakan (Chinese-based party with origin in Penang). The MCA (Chinese party) is close to being mortally wounded.

In the states’ legislatures, BN’s collapse was equally dramatic. Besides Kelatan ( which was expected), BN lost Penang (PM Abdullah Badawi homestate) , Kedah (Ex-PM Mahathir’s homestate), Perak, Selangor and just held on to Trengganu with the skin of their teeth! The BN now only rules 8 of the 13 states!

The Perfect Storm

Malaysia’s opposition had a Perfect Storm with the following players and circumstances all in some sort of heavenly alignment:

1.Mercurial Anwar hitting his zenith with Princess reformasi “Nurul” mesmerising the crowds.
2.Indian and Hindu disenchantment with alleged marginalisation. Hindraf riots.
3.DAP getting their act together with many credible personalities willing to come forward to be counted. Tony Pua worked in Singapore and Dr.Ramasamy who slayed Penang's Chief Minister Dr.Koh Tsu Koon was working in a think-tank in Singapore. Men with guts and principles!
4.MCA’s Dr.Chua ( no need to say more).
5.MIC’s Samy Vellu and his fake hair ( also no need to say more)
6.Mahathir ( whose side was he on?)
7.Rise of alternative media esply internet.

As a Singaporean, I observe all these happenings over the TV and’s website with concern and interest. The website has come a long way and was quoted extensively by Mediacorp’s Channelnewsasia last night!

We are thankful that there was no untoward public disorder or riots.

Hats off to the Election Commission and the police as it was a free and fair election and it looked like there were no major allegations of cheating or vote-rigging!

There is no doubt to me that the Malaysian BN would not be the only people doing a post-mortem.

Singapore’s PAP would be looking at the situation with concern and would definitely prefer not to get a surprise at our own GE in a few years’ time.

Not being connected at all to the PAP nor having any relations ( carnal or otherwise) with any PAP’s leaders, I can only guess at what the PAP would do next to prevent such a Tsunami from happening.

Likely Implications for Singapore

1.More and larger GRC’s. (Less single seat wards)
2. Heavy control of internet nearer the GE
3.PAP will fine-tune its feedback mechanisms to get more accurate messages from the grassroots.
4.Tighter control of MSM (Mainstream Media)
5. The disenfranchised and poor would be closely monitored to ensure that their unhappiness do not reach boiling point. Grass-root organs (PAP-aligned) would act as eyes and ears and will be the main channel for helping the poor. They will not look favourably towards any non-PAP group which wants to act as champions of the poor.
6.Internal Security ACT will remain in place. This would be handy for potential trouble-makers.
7. Opposition parties would not be considered partners but as necessary inconveniences.

Having said that, the idealistic side in me was hoping that someone with conscience within the PAP would feel that more should be done to allow greater voice from the people and the true feelings of the people should be made known- but the pragmatic side simply laughed and asked him to shut up!

Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that Malaysia would emerge stronger after this and that calm and peace will prevail! Maybe Malaysia can also show the world that it is possible to have peaceful political transitions and that democracy is not something to be afraid of. You win some and lose some?


Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan

Link: report


Anonymous said...

If Malaysia becomes more progressive, peaceful and safe after this election. It will be good place for Singaporeans to do business, invest and live.

As for Singapore Politics, I am not optimistic that Opposition Parties could do much in the next election. They(opposition politicians) will have all kinds of obstacles placed infront of them.

The voters(citizens) on the other hand will be sweettalked into buying the 'ang pow', bonanza and whatever insignificant candies dished to them.

Singaporeans can only wish that amongst the Ruling Cohorts, there arises some kinder, more benevolent members. Those who will sincerely have the welfares and wellbeings of their people in their hearts. And that they will convinced their Superior Ministers to act conscientiously in running Singapore.

When MP Teo Ho Pin asked Minister Wong KS the Question; why there was a lapse of four hours before Mas Selamats' Ecape was made public. I saw hope, I felt he was sincere in seeking for explanation from the Minister. If only there are more such Members of Parliament in PAP, there is hope that thing may changed for the better.

The Singapore Cabinet, MPs/Ministers, have to work together with the people. Otherwise 'Majullah Singapura' may indeed cease to be our National Anthem in the not too far distance in time.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi Patriot,
Those of us who are older still feel some affinity for Malaysia. However the law and order situation is really a worry for us. We hope that corruption can be controlled and the rule of law enhanced. We wish for a prosperous neighbour.
Regarding the opposition- just look at the DAP. They did not have things easy too! Lim Sr and Jr were both locked up under the ISA and Lim Jr was incarcerated for some “thrumped-up” charge related to a corrupt Minister! These men of steel show that they deserve the votes of the people.
We know that amongst the ruling cohort there are many with the welfare of the people at heart. But their “hubris”- or overhearing arrogance is hard to accept. Once they rule too long, they begin to believe their infallibility, their omniscience. So BN now realise that they are no invincible. How about the PAP?
From a neutral point of view, as the opposition in Malaysia have been given a chance to do something for Malaysia, I hope they can show how good Malaysia can be. However, the nature of politics is that both sides will try their best to prevent the other from accomplishing anything meaningful. However at the end of the term, the people will know. They probably can’t do worse than now! Haha.
I am glad about MP Ho, but WP’s MPs and NMP’s like Siew Kum Hong also contributed greatly to the people’s welfare and also getting information from our Ministers.
Patriot, do you think that in the UK or other mature democracy, when the No. 1 detainee has escaped, the Minister can give a unapologetic apology and still get away with it?
If you calculate how much man-hours (including effect on causeway transportation) has been spent on Mas’s escape, the cost goes to tens of millions. So did anyone offer to fall on his sword and resign? No

yh said...

the tricks the ruling party can play are running out:

1.More and larger GRC’s. (Less single seat wards)

Larger GRCs works if there is a heavyweight minister within a GRC who can single-handedly win the votes and bring in the entire team. The PM himself only managed 60% of the votes at the last election. George Yeo, thought to be a heavyweight only just managed to scrap through. Tharman who appears to be extremely capable may not have the sort of connection with the common people required to pull in enough votes. Ng Eng Hen who is into his second term was never elected. Think WKS, GCT and Jaya will retire before the next election.

2. Heavy control of internet nearer the GE

How? Difficult to do without pissing off the electorate.

3.PAP will fine-tune its feedback mechanisms to get more accurate messages from the grassroots.

Don't think it's the feedback mechanism that is the problem. They are just doing what they can get away with.

4.Tighter control of MSM (Mainstream Media)

Can it be controlled more tightly? :) A larger proportion of voters will be IT savvy at the next election; MSM may become totally irrelevant.

5. The disenfranchised and poor would be closely monitored to ensure that their unhappiness do not reach boiling point. Grass-root organs (PAP-aligned) would act as eyes and ears and will be the main channel for helping the poor. They will not look favourably towards any non-PAP group which wants to act as champions of the poor.

Think the poorest are generally well taken care of. The key group of people during the next election should be the middle class. Notice how they implement GST. The rich dun want to pay for it (want lower tax), the poor get enough GST credit to cover the GST increase. So who is paying for the welfare programs?

6.Internal Security ACT will remain in place. This would be handy for potential trouble-makers.

Difficult if they want to remain legitimate to the rest of the world.

7. Opposition parties would not be considered partners but as necessary inconveniences.

already the case.

I'm actually quite optimistic. The problem is of course having high quality opposition who will be able to do the job when they get there.

Anonymous said...

Hi doc,

Indeed, I am very happy particularly for Anwar Ibrahim and the DAP. Having visited them only a week ago, I was struck with the younger members of the DAP – especially the likes of Ng Wei Aik and Koay Teng Hai. They knew that they were up against giants – particularly Koay Teng Hai. But the fire in their eyes told me they were man enough to take on their BN counterparts.

Very happy that they won.

Coming back to Singapore, it is a common thing, for me as a WP member, to hear many Singaporeans – all with honest sentiments and sincere intentions – asking and yearning for change in our political landscape.

Yet, the obstacle is not one with the opposition, in my opinion. Everyone in the opposition, whether the WP or SDP or SDA, are doing the best they can. Styles and philosophies may differ but still, fundamental aims are the same – to win more opposition representation in Parliament.

The real obstacle, in my opinion, is in the minds of Singaporeans. There are a few stereotypes about the opposition in the minds of Singaporeans, perhaps wrought by 42 years of PAP propaganda:

1. The opposition is made up of cranks.
2. Joining – or even being anywhere near any opposition – is bad for your career or is a fearful thing.
3. The opposition is hopeless, divided and weak.

We must realize, as I have said to many people, that the opposition is only as good as the people who join it.

Thus, if we want better opposition, stronger opposition who can truly make inroads to Parliament, then we as individual must step forward and render our services to them as volunteers. (One does not even need to be a member of any opposition parties to help).

It is only in this way that the opposition can be stronger and alter the stereotypes that it is tagged with. Nothing will change until and unless more Singaporeans come forward, whether as volunteers or candidates.

The opposition in Malaysia did not achieve their impressive and momentous victories last night just by sitting on their hands. Indeed, many volunteers, candidates and ordinary Malaysians pitched in and helped out.

That is why they achieved such impressive results.

Lesson for us here is not just wishing for our opposition to do the same – somehow, sometime, somewhere, some ways.

No, the lesson for us is that each of us can make a difference.

And if and when more Singaporeans help the opposition, we will see changes. So, the question is:

How many of us are willing to do our bit and help the opposition in Singapore – just as ordinary Malaysians helped the Malaysian opposition?

Andrew Loh

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I honestly and sincerely hope that the Internet may help the Oppositions in Singapore. As for the few weak Opposition Parties in Singapore, I will say the PAP will make them even weaker as days go by. Right now, the PAP is in a seige because of the many blunders; 2008 Budget Report, Mas Selamats' Escape will never have become widespread news if not for the Internet.

Let's take a look at the Oppositions in Singapore right now. Other than the Workers Party, which other political party can comfort the people? And if we are going to have SDP Chee Soon Juan, his only contribution as I see it; is just making the people of Singapore aware of his existence. He is either one man show or few men(a handful of his supporters) show. He has more foreign friends than local supporters.

In my opinion, no politician should behave like him. He does'nt seems to be able to move the people, touch the people,s hearts. His one man show protest attracted little or no supports. Other than his few supporters, no other Singaporeans joint him in any of his protest. He don't seem to realise that too. Bystanders are very clear about that.

TOC has done well to awake the people and I feel that many like You, can contribute greatly to better our society, politically speaking. I am a lowly educated 57 year old citizen trying hard to play my part.


Anonymous said...

Dear Patriot,

You said the PAP will make the opposition weaker. I am not so sure about that because how strong - or weak the opposition is - will be up to Singaporeans, really.

In Malaysia, the ruling BN coalition also tried to weaken the opposition - especially through the mass media. (See the case of Anwar.) It's the same in Singapore where the govt uses the mainstream media to destroy the opposition.

But, if you asked me, the govt can do that and has been doing that for 42 years, simply because there aren't enough Singaporeans who would step forward.

And if we, each one of us, just stand by and let the destruction of the opposition take place, then I do not think we can fault the opposition for not being "good enough" or "strong enough" or "credible enough".

Chiam has given almost 30 years of his life to opposition politics. JBJ even more. Low Thia Khiang 16 years. Chee also about 16 years.

If we really want opposition, then we should put our shoulders to the wheel together with these selfless men - whether you're 57 or 27.

Andrew Loh

Anonymous said...

Andrew, as can be verified by the Social/Political Blogs in the Internet, one aspect of politics in Singapore is quite clear. Oppositions are not short of supporters. The question then is, why these supporters disappear on the ground, in actions in the daylights in Singapore?

Allow me to venture for an answer, the supports that opposition parties get in the Net are hardly for any single Political Party or Individual Politician. They are supports for an ideal made-up opposition which I have yet to see one myself.

The supporting oppositional views are not meant, again, for any specific party or politician. These views are the ideals and wishes of bloggers and their readers. And opposition parties and politicians should utilize the informations, messages and incorporate them.

To say that opposition parties are unison against the Ruling Party is only correct in so far as the Word 'opposition' is interpreted. There are little or no efforts by Opposition Parties to forge unity, not to mention the very individualistic political acts of some politicians.

Everyone in Singapore knows that there exist the dearth of active politicians. The few that are available are minnows except Workers Party. I suspect one reason why voters are not actively supportive of opposition parties, other than the fear factor, is that they are not convinced. Opposition Parties have to convince the electorates that they could and can be viable alternatives. But, with the present reality, if we weigh and size all the oppositions against the Ruling Party, all the oppositins have to unite, to stand a chance.

The opposing views in the Net are not supports for any particular politician and party. They are views to counter the policies of the Ruling Party, in a way, I interpret them as neutral views. The calls to vote for oppositons is more intended to check abuses and improve the political developments in our country.

When oppositions are deserving of supports, it will naturally be given. The Opposition Parties in Singapore got to show clearly that they can stand solidly united.

The above is a personal view of a layman, do forgive me if it does'nt sit well with anyone.


Anonymous said...

Dr Huang;
it is a pleasure to interact with You.

We(Singaporeans) are quite aware of the social, political situations in Malaysia. However, there remains fundamental differences between Singapore and Malaysia. One of which, I must say, is the cohesiveness of the Malaysian Masses. Demoncracy in practice in Malysia is another great difference.

We may say that there are common characteristics in the composition of races, religions and even climate between Singapore and Malaysia. But the reality is that Malaysia people are hardly challenged to survive unlike Singaporeans.

When electorates fear for their rice bowls, their guts get threaten. As such, I cannot expect my fellow Singaporeans to act like our Malaysian Friends. Malaysians cross into Singapore and earn much more than they do back home. We have not such luck.
Malaysia may not be even opened to Singaporeans for investments(properties) and residence in any liberal sense.

Dr Huang; the Malaysian opposition members that were put to jail, none were made bankrupt as far as I can recall. In Singapore, oppositions are jailed, made bankrupt, their spouse got harassed(Tang Liang Hong) and forein assets checked. So, there are indeed differences.

I have been reading your blogs and am very impressed with You, your no fear is truly respectable. It is people like You that should be politically active in forming or be a member of political party. There are many other social, political bloggers who liked You, are not active politicians nor member of Political Parties. And this is the reason why I said to TOC Andrew that opposing views in the Internet are not alliance to any political party nor supports for any particular party.

I hope readers can understand my pieces of writings


nofearSingapore said...

Hi Andrew, Patriot and all,

Where do I begin?

The majority of Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship with the PAP. Some attribute this to the Stockholm syndrome. Maybe we have been hostages too long that we begin to sympathize with our captors.

Our captors do not kidnap our bodies. They do worse than that- they kidnap our ideals. They ransack our houses and take away our “Audacity to hope” ( as mentioned by Obama) and the courage to dream.

Sadly, most of us are comfortable. Most even believe that this is the best deal already.

In the blogosphere there is a wide spectrum of views.

Extreme pro-PAP views that PAP is so good that even 10 million/yr is not enough for the ministers! That Mas escaped show how dangerous he is! Hilarious logic!

But just as appalling is the opposite extreme- everything that the PAP say is nonsense. That asking the people to work hard is nonsense; that our education system is bad and everything is bad! This is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

There are many things in Singapore I treasure. Esply peace, racial cosiness, safety and civil service efficiency. But it does not mean I am pro-PAP nor am I rabidly anti-PAP. I am pro-Singapore.

If PAP dismantle the GRC system and the ministers accept a publicly-acceptable wage plus a few other things, I think I can accept them. There were some policies that I opposed that has been reversed (Graduate mother policy).

I am sorry if my honesty disappoint anyone.

Each of us must decide for ourselves what is best for Singapore and for ourselves (family/society).

At this moment, I feel that it is good to encourage moderate sensible alternative groups. I always believe that monopolies are inefficient and if left to be too powerful will always take the public/clients for a ride.

The most harmful for the development of Singapore’s politics are those destructive and irresponsible forces who condemn everyone ( PAP/WP) but yet not stand up to be identified and counted.


Onlooker said...

I think that Malaysia will finally be rid of the gridlock that have been holding them back in term of Real progress and there will be more transparency and accountability for their people.
likewise the other races will be treated better and more malaysian will be inclined to stay and contribute to their country.
Something that We can also hope for.

Anonymous said...

Dr Huang;
glad that You have understood my message. Just to loso(dwell) a little more; most of the bloggers and posters, I think, are not taking sides with politicians and political parties.

We are appealing for and to sensibility, reasonability and ideals, the last a little farfetched but worthwhile to pursue. We wish to have justice and fairness, to have upright and honest leaders.

I am sure these basic, simple wishes can be fulfilled by any honourable leadership.

Anonymous said...

IF, and that is a big IF, PAP loses big in the next election,maybe due to some unexpected freak results as in Malaysia, what will happen?

Will the Opposition be able to form the next government?

nofearSingapore said...

Hi patriot
I assume you are the previous poster.
Not all politicians are equally honorable.
In the previous GE, the way James Gomez was used as a punching bag and how the MSM went overtime to crucify him ( based on widely-accepted thrumped-up charges) make us feel ashamed of some of our political leaders! To the neutrals, it seemed like "Winning at all cost"- no honour there!


Anonymous said...

17 ministers and deputy ministers were knocked out by the people of Malaysia.

What happen if in Singapore, a few ministers were dismissed ignominiously in GRCs in the next elections?

You highly paid ministers better work hard, or else this tsunami may come to S'pore.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi anon 3.56:
This is typical chicken and egg situation.
A party should be allowed space to grow before it can be of substance.
If the ruling party's only aim is to rule forever, then it would do its utmost to prevent good alternative from taking root.
If the ruling party has the country at heart, then it should allow ( at least not put obstacles in the way) for other parties to mature so that no accidents or surprises happen!
Judge for yourself, which is the PAP?


Anonymous said...


You have a point. The so-called anti-PAP internauts may not support any one particular opposition party. I agree with you somewhat that what they seek is perhaps an ideal in a broader sense.

Having said that however, I do not think opposition parties are seeking supporters from or on the internet per se. If they were, we would see them more active on the Net.

What I see in fact is a lack of active or pro-active initiatives by the opposition to attract supporters - whether on the Net or in the "real" world. And this is something which should be corrected.

As for your point about the opposition having to, effectively, be made up of credible people first before supporters will step forward, it is a point which I have debated many times with some of my colleagues and friends.

My stance is that yes, as a political party which is "selling" something, political parties must do its part to convince the "customers" (members of the public) that what they're selling is worth buying.

On the other hand, opposition parties cannot force anyone to "go to their shop", as it were.

Singaporeans must do that themselves.

And this is where perhaps political education comes in. Yet, this is an uphill task for anyone to undertake - opposition parties or civil society, even more so for a blog site like TOC.

But we will have to do what we need to do, I guess, no matter how small or insignificant the effort is.

One thing which might help them along, ironically, might come from the PAP govt's policies - particularly in education.

Perhaps a more educated people, a more exposed people (internet, travel, foreign friends, etc) will help new generations of singaporeans be more critical in assessing govt policies.

We will see.

Andrew Loh

Anonymous said...

Hi doc,

I fully agree with you. Not all govt policies are bad. (I've been criticised for saying this before. Haha..) But that's the truth. Not all PAP MPs are evil people either. My own MP Lee Bee Wah is someone who has worked hard and has convinced me she is a good MP.

My only concern is that she, like other MPs, are too concerned with municipal issues. Whic is why I think the roles and responsibilities of MPs should be re-defined and local elections be implemented for Mayors and grassroots leaders who will handle municipal issues.

MPs can then focus on national issues, which dictate the direction that the country is going.

But I digress.

You have expressed my sentiments exactly: We have to decide what is best for Singapore. And not what is best for the PAP or the WP or the SDP.

And in my view, what is best for Singapore is a change in the political system and climate here.

That, in fact, is why I joined the WP even though I do not think all PAP MPs, or even ministers, are bad.

I wouldn't mind telling you that I have the greatest respect for Tharman Shanmugaratnam. I only hope he will not fall into the LKY philosophy of doing things.

Lets do what we can for this small little red dot. And lets do it in whatever small way we feel comfortable in.


Andrew Loh

Anonymous said...

It is pretty sad that at a time when we need more transparency from our PAP, they are turning away from the public instead. While we await some form of admission of error on the part of the govt regarding the timing of the GST hike, the ministers have stayed on their track that their timing was correct, resulting in a bonus of $6bil surplus instead of deficit. And to throw us off their track, our PM is now accusing the Singaporeans of asking for more giveaways, while Malaysia and Indonesia are trying their hardest to curb inflation. Uniquely singapore. Go on this route and I will vote for the opposition again, no matter who they are.

PAPer said...

You are absolutely right. The Opposition in Singapore is a basket case. There is no good opposition party people in Singapore. Look at Chee Soon Juan, a useless bugger with a permanent head damage. Chiam See Tong, he just had a stroke, may die soon, then what. Low Thia Khiang, smart aleck. Who else? Nobody at all credible.

So no tsunami will hit Singapore, don't u worry.

LongLivePAP said...

A lot of you seems to have a lot of things to say about the government running the country. Hey, running a country is not a simple business. If you care about Singapore so much, why don't you people come out and stand for election as opposition?

The fact that all of you are safely and comfortably ensconced in your lives here and passing off hot steam as naturally as letting off wind just show how "brave" you people are.

Just a bunch of gutless swine, that's what you people are.

Long Live PAP.

Marx said...

Paper, you forget there is Jeya and his reform party.

I couldn't agree with LongLivePAP (PAP die-hard?) more.

Why all these bird talks?

Bloggers of Singapore, rise up!

To arms, comrades!

PAPer said...

Jeya, now that you mention him, Marx, he does look like you.

Jeya is a joke. There is no way his reform party will take off.

He might just well plan for his retirement party.

Marx said...

Is that really so?

Didn't they pass Anwar for dead and he came back from the dead to haunt them? There is evern talk of him becoming the next PM.

PAPer said...

Anwar is Anwar and JBJ is well JBJ.
Anwar convinced every opposition to work with him. Now JBJ will bark like a mad dog and no one in the opposition will dare to be near him, for fear of rabbis.

Marx said...

U mean rabies.
Rabbi= a Jewish religious leader.

Hey, paper, you are beyond redemption.

Why don't u give the old man a chance?

PAPer said...

JBJ was given a chance, way back by the people.

Then he went on to screw himself up by trying to do LKY in. I doubt if they had buried the hatchet yet.

And look at the companies he keep: bunch of thieves, liars and crooks. Put up a credible team to fight a GRC. Surely, Marx, you must be joking.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi PAPer,
Unfortunately I disagree with you on your view about JBJ.
His contribution to Singapore's political legacy is significant.
At a by-election for Anson ( I think cos Devan Nair stood down to be president), JBJ became the only opposition MP for decades! The whole govt machinery and MSM was against him. But the people of Anson and many neutrals outside Anson was firmly behind this underdog.
After he got into Parliament, the govt used all tricks ( clean and dirty) to prevent him from functioning as Anson's MP! This includes suspending from Parliaments; convicting him and Wong Hong Toy on some accouting matters; bankruptcy suits etc.
He appealed to the Privy Council in England which had a damming judgement against the govt.
Coincidently, from then 1. No more by-elections ( even if MP's die) 2. No more appeal to Privy Council etc. Such injustice by the govt made many of us hard to accept that the govt was for the people. It appeared then that they were for themselves!
Now Anson's name has been wiped out from Singapore's memory. Only oldies older than 40 years old will know about such unsavoury happenings!
So PAPer- JBJ is no perfect , but neither is the PAP. His breakthrough in Anson is as great as Malaysia's Tsunami. The difference is how the BN accepted this loss with grace and maturity!


PAPer said...

Doc, you seee, you just rest my case. The people gave him the mandate and he just screw up by spending so much time fighting for himself than for the people.

Come on, Doc, don't be naive. No govt in the world will make things easy for the opposition.

If JBJ is so stupid to walk into your so-called traps, he does not deserve to even stand for election.

Anonymous said...

The only ppl we really fear are those brotherhood ppl. I think what many do not realize is they helped the Malaysian opposition alot. It was a well known fact all the internet service providers are operated by Barisan Nasional cronies. They had planned to disrupt the internet traffic like they successfully did in the last two general elections.

On this occasion when they tried to switch off the lights, some had ON the emergency generators.

As always there is never any evidence or proof.