Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burma’s despotic regime has crossed the line

Hi Friends,

Henceforth, I will refer to the nation of Myanmar in its original name of Burma as a sign of protest.

In my mind, I had drawn a line in the sand and this line is when the military regime uses brutal and lethal force to resolve this impasse.

The line has been crossed.

The news from Burma’s cities is that hundreds of monks have been arrested overnight, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been moved to a notorious prison, and many have been maimed or killed.

It is clear that this military dictatorship does not seek reconciliation through negotiations or dialogue.

Even economic sanctions do not work with the military leaders because they will always have the first bite of the country’s treasury’s “cherry” as they pass the resultant economic hardship to the people. This makes the people more disenfranchised and bitter. The people then rise up again only to be beaten into submission for another 20 years. The unending circle of life?

Is this the Burmese people’s karma? Although we are not the ones to wield the rods that beat the monks and nuns, we are just as culpable if we do not do our utmost to help them or bring attention to their plight!

What can we do? Or as one anonymous blogger commented on my blog (rather insultingly) that “talk is cheap” and that as Burma is but 3 hours flight away I should perhaps go there to provide medical cover for the protesters ( ? to show that I am more than just talk).

I take his point that we are helpless and what we can do now seem so futile. Perhaps he is the typical risk-averse Singaporean who cannot be counted on to support any cause unless the outcome is 100% certain. The risk-averse “rational” Singaporean?

Our politicians ( Singapore’s and ASEAN’s ) have already stated their views.

Foreign Minister and current Chairman of ASEAN said that Asean had to take a "very realistic position to keep Myanmar within the Asean family because it is in everybody's interest" to do so, including neighbouring China and India.

When asked what Asean would do if the junta became increasingly repressive, he said: "If national reconciliation is not possible and there is repression and violence where many people die, then it is a new situation all over again. Asean can issue statements and Asean can shed tears.

"But at that point in time, it will be a fight within Myanmar itself." Translated to street English- " You are on your own, babe"

Unlike our politicians, we can speak the truth and call a despot a despot- not worrying whether we will have sand when Indonesia starts the embargo of sand exports again nor worry that supporting peaceful protest in Burma will mean that we can no longer tell others to “mind their own business “ when they express support for Singapore’s own nascent pro-democracy forces.

All of us ordinary citizens of Singapore can speak the truth and we should.

Hear this ,Burma’s despots- "Please go back to your barracks. Let your people live peaceful, normal lives. Let them choose their own leaders by universal suffrage!"


Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan

NB: Link to's posts on the Suppression in Burma and why ASEAN and Singapore should take immediate action now!


Anonymous said...

Cheer up, Dr. :)

I don't think talk is cheap, although many Sengkapolian blogs are (worse than) cheap.

Heartful & mindful discussion such as yrs is definitely a cut, rising above the cacophony drowning local blogosphere.

But that said, what n how much can we do here?

Wear red? Wear red armbands? Sit outside embassy or in streets in protest or prayer?

Maybe we can offer prayers when watching the scenes unfold on CNA.

Maybe we can increase our awareness of the unhappiness & injustices facing us in this island.

Maybe we can post our support in blogs like these.

Warm Regards,

nofearSingapore said...

Hi anon,
Altho writing posts or expressing support in stupid blogs like this one seem such waste of good time, it at least indicates that we do care for fellow human beings who are but 3 hours away.

In my books it is heaps better than just carrying on with our typical non-chalant "couldn't care less" attitude.

Actually the Singapore govt needn't border to ban any protest marches cos even if allowed to do so, Singaporeans would rather be shopping!


Anonymous said...

I'm a NSmen trained SAF medic If You decided to provide medical Cover I will go there and support you with my EMT skills. Hope the people there Get rid of the Junta regime

nofearSingapore said...

Hi anon (NSman medic):

Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...


OUR government is helping Burma. But not the Burma people. They help the junta on our very own soil: