Sunday, April 29, 2007

Leeds United: The last Fan in Singapore, I must be! Hic!

BBC Sports 29.4.07
Leeds 1-1 Ipswich
Ipswich's late equaliser has virtually relegated Leeds, who trail Hull by three points and have a vastly inferior goal difference with one game to play.
It is still mathematically possible for Leeds to stay up, but they would need to win their last game by at least eight goals, and for Hull to lose. read on... but be warned it is sad

My comments

Hi World,

“The last Leeds fan in Singapore, I must be” Master Yoda would have said if he were me!
(Yoda is a member of the Jedi Council)

Anyway, if anyone were me ( or is it if anyone was I?), one would not have been a Leeds United fan!

Only a masochistic loser and supporter of lost causes and a sentimental fool would ever contemplate supporting any club as woeful as Leeds.

How on earth did I end up being a fan of the Whites ( whose strip incidentally is a copy of Real Madrid’s). I think Leeds even give Singapore’s MIW’s a bad name! How terrible is that?

Many moons and just as many hairs ago, in the 70’s, Leeds United was a great team under the inimitable Don Revie , and only a few years ago, I could have rattled off the names of the 70’s team.

I think that great team consisted of David Harvey, Norman Hunter, Johnny Giles, Eddie Gray ( and another Gray), Jackie Charlton, Allan Clarke,Billy Bremner. Fill in the blanks for me if you can, some other die-hards- who must be just as drunk and drowning in rivers of sorrow.

And to think that only a few seasons ago, David O’leary brought the young team consisting of Smith/Viduka/ Kewell/Woodgate/Robinson/Kelly/Harte/Dacourt/Redebe/Bowyer et al all the way to the semi-finals of the European Champions’ League.

Now after selling off all that can be sold, and being relegated from the English Premier League into the second-tier Coca-Cola Championship League ( and who are they kidding? The Championship league is the Second Division and changing the name and euphemism is just trickery and self-delusionary), Leeds United will now be relegated into the third-tier First Division (the old Third Division)!

It is so shameful! So pathetic! When my friends talk about Man U or Chelsea or even Liverpool getting into or missing out on automatic Champion’s League place etc, in the back of my mind, I can only be green and absolutely filled with jealousy and pretending that that is so unimportant and inconsequential!

I, the born-loser, promise, from henceforth, that I will not surf the net on every single Saturday night (GMT) or Friday or Sunday or even weekdays to check the “live score” page of the BBC sports page for the minute-by-minute commentary of Leeds’ matches , nor check official and unofficial Leeds United websites about banal and boring news about who has been injured or is recovering from injury and which second-rate player Leeds has managed to loan from some EPL team.

Remember Rauol Bravo? who was bought ( or on loan) from Real Madrid and played worse than any S-League player but when he returned to the La Liga, suddenly found his playing form again?

Anyone got a Prozac? I want to down it with Vodka!

Boo Hoo Hoo

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan


Ned Stark said...

Well Dr, your not the only Leeds Fan. If i recall correctly the Dean of NUS Law school Prof Tan Cheng Han is also a fan of Leeds.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi ned,
That makes 2 diehard losers!

BL said...

I have an easier life to be an anti-Man-U fan. Used to be a Spurs fan, but now I liked Chelsea, because of the Special One.

Anyway, I am always happier when I see Man-U lose more than Chelsea wins :)

Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe that someone actually remembers the Leeds of the 70's. Leeds were a great team and played splendid footbal.

I've almost given up on contemporary football - Its all about money these days.

bw said...

Yup. I remember the Leeds team from the '70s. I'm a Leeds fan too, but obviously not half as ardent a supporter as I used to be.

Like anony, I too have virtually given up following football. Good thing there's National Geographic.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi bw and anon:
Yes it is tough to be an ardent fan of Leeds nowadays.
Their football sucks. Only their fans are great ( and longsuffering).
Imagine last season, they were in the playoff final ( and lost convincingly to Watford) and missed getting to the Premier League and now they are going the other direction to the 3rd league!