Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another man (Mirza Tahir Hussain) lives again (part two)...

Freed death row Briton flies out of Pakistan
(Yahoo News)
Friday November 17, 10:57 PM

A British man who spent 18 years on Pakistan's death row for a murder that he claimed was in self-defence was heading home after being freed, officials said.

Mirza Tahir Hussain, 36, left jail in the morning then flew out of Pakistan a few hours later amid tight security, following a decision by President Pervez Musharraf to commute his death sentence. (Read on...)

Adjusting will be hard for death row man
By Mark Simpson BBC North of England correspondent
18 November 2006, 23:10 GMT

Life in the suburbs of north Leeds will not be easy for Mirza Tahir Hussain.

The satellite dish on the wall outside his family's home is a symbol of the changing world which passed him by during the past two decades.

He is returning to a city where things we take for granted - like internet cafes and take-away cappuccinos - will seem completely alien.

When he left Britain in the winter of 1988, Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, David Beckham was still in short trousers and the pop world was ruled by Wet Wet Wet and Phil Collins.

His family situation is now very different. He has four new nephews, a brother-in-law he has never met and, sadly, only one parent. (Read on...)

My comments:

Hi friends,

I was following closely the saga regarding Mirza.

It seemed even last week that this would be Mirza's last days in the prison. He has had reprieve after reprieve and it seemed that this stay of execution would surely be the last. He has prepared for the worst.

In my heart, I was already saying, "This world sucks!"

But what do you know? Miracles do happen after all, and often when we least expect it!

Now, Mirza's regaining back his life does not in any way negate the suffering he had endured in the past 18 years. No one can ever understand the agony and sense of hopelessness that he had to endure. Nobody can return him the years that he has forever lost.

Just watch the videos when he was interviewed with his brother and he looks totally overwhelmed and one can almost sense his "lossness".

I wish him well. Although he is a world apart from me, I am delighted for him.

He does not know any of us and neither did I know him from Adam till the past weeks when I got wind of his predicament.

But that is what humanity is about. We are of the same race- the human race. It matters not that Mirza is of a different race or creed, or even political persuasion. We are all human beings.

There is too much killing and murdering. And too little love and understanding.

Make love not war!

I bet you if I were born ten years earlier, and were an American, I would have made a convincing hippie at Woodstock!

Joy to the world.

For this week, the world sucks a little less,

Dr.Huang Shoou Chyuan

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