Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pushing the boundaries and seeking OB markers

From anonymous:
“No Doc,I hope you can show Singaporeans that we can agree to disagree with the government without harming our own prospects in any form.Show Singaporeans we can win by the book.Show PAP how is it like to win by the book which PAP will not do.Show everyone Singapore has room for civilised disagreements and rebellion.Hopefully, Singaporeans by looking at you will wake up somehow and stop fearing nothingness.”

Dear friends and fellow travellors ( of this long journey),

The above comment and many more like it has prompted me to write this.

I, as a private citizen of this nation called Singapore, feel that all of us have the right to discuss issues which we feel are crucial to our present and future well-being.

My colleagues had asked me many times, " What is your motivation for writing ( to the press)?" I suspect some of them actually want to say, " What is your ulterior motive?" but were too polite. One of them actually answered the question for me when he said, " Ah, you actually think you can change things?". I was too ashamed to admit it but in a stupid naive way, I probably do think that some good will come of this !

On the other hand, I do sometimes feel that maybe it is an exercise in futility as day after day, our intelligence and sense of integrity get insulted by more and more ridiculous pronouncements from them. Upgrading carrot ok! GRC is to attract PAP candidates! Are they just toying with us? Am I being used by them as a "showcase" that dissent is tolerated?

Sometimes I do wonder how much more we can endure?

But then occasionally I see letters in the forum pages from prominent members of the community ( ya, but not often enough ), who disagree with the inequality in the political arena. I get encouraged that mine is not a lone voice in the wilderness, shouting into the wind like a madman!

There are many other similar "madmen" who feel just as insensed as I about these issues. The friends I meet daily ( including patients) express to me their outrage about the methods of the establisments! I am not alone, they are telling me!

So here I go on, pushing the boundaries about how far our society should go about tearing down walls of inequality and injustice. BUT ALL WITHIN THE LAW. Laws are made by parliaments and parliaments are elected by people! Yes, sometimes people do silly things! ( like electing people who make laws that the people don't want)

No one knows where the boundaries or the OB ( golf term for Out of Bounds) markers are ( not even them!). I guess you will know when I am put inside !( I will try to pull back before it is too late- ha ha!).

While all of us have some fears,it would be much easier and we can make a stronger case for more liberalisation, if we stand up and say, I, Mr. Tan Ah Kow ( or whatever name), write ( to whatever forum) that I agree or disagree on this ( or that) and my reasons are ...

Anonymous letters are not good for this. There is no credibilty ( although my anon friends obviously have substance from the way they write). Perhaps after hearing more brave voices will they sit up and realise that even the pro-establisment types are no longer pro-establishment!

Just do it. Write on!

Dr. Huang Shoou Chyuan


Anonymous said...

Any law that benefits only the minority (PAP) but not the majority (Singaporeans) is no law but abuse and should not be allowed.

Logic sense.

Full Stop.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to call yourself "mad" to oppose the government.

In a democratic society, we have the right to oppose.

Dont make Singapore look so bad ....YET....hehe

We have opposition everyday in our daily lives.

From home,friends to office.

Opposition is a normal way of your life.

If you hate opposition to your life then we know what kind of character you have.

The word 'control freak" best describes you.

PAP is close to that.

Anonymous said...

Bibi said...

I believe it's every human's right, if not responsibility, to question authority. To not do so leads to apathy, which opens leaves the door wide open for potential corruption.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

In today's Straits Times, journalist Ken Kwek covered a typical Worker's Party event. Even though the article was bottom of the page and not very big, but it was significant step.

Can you write to ST Forum and

1) Praise journalist Ken Kwek for covering a story his colleagues will not cover

2) Praise ST for moving towards the right direction to bring news of alternative parties so readers can be more well inform.

3) Hope ST will be consistent these next 5 years and bring us more balanced news of alternative parties and their events.

4) Recover some reputation that ST lost at GE 2006.

5) Express disappointment that the story space was too small and the article should be at the top half of the paper at least.

Any other points you might add.

Thank you.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi anonymous,
Those points you brought out ( about Ken's article) are really newsworthy.
Anyone of you can write to the forum page and they may print it.
There is no need to rely on me.
Someone I exchanged comments on recently ( on their blogs) quoted Walter Woon who said some time ago that we had freedoms which we did not know about and hence do not maximise. Let us make use of whatever freedom we have even as we continue pushing borders to seek newer freedoms.
Dr. Huang

Anonymous said...

You are not alone.

While I do not see Singaporeans doing what the Filipinos did (we are by and large, a rational people), some of us will not hesitate to point out injustice and foul play if we could. Hopefully this group will grow.

As seen in the Mr Brown debacle, many had spoken.

I guess the only obstacle is that most of us do not express ourselves very well. How I wish I could be like Dr Huang or even Gayle.

I can write but my views are never published. Probably because they are deemed not of the high standards required by our local press.

It was after a overseas stint in Australia that I realised that every citizen has a right to voice an issue, not matter how small it is.

The Government, however, has yet to accept this.

But, I will wait.

nofearSingapore said...

Hi anon,
You are too generous with your compliments.
You have already made the first step, and that is to realise that even my one little voice matters.
Next step, write or speak up, but let us know who you are (that is possible only when you have a name). All of us need to know that we are not alone and there are people out there who dare to stand up and be counted. With due respect, it is different if you say, "Yes, I am with you! But, don't quote me!" It is a step that we as a nation must take. Take it with us.
Dr. Huang

nofearSingapore said...

Hi bibi
Thanks for comment!
I am sorry your comments somehow got missed out and only been found.
Please continue to visit my blog.
Dr. H

PS: and yes, I agree that it is always our duty to question authority as only then will they know that their performance are being monitored.