Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If not me, who? If not now, when?

Each of us in our own small way has a rightful role to play in the development of this place we call home. It may appear insignificant or inconsequential now but if we say quietly but firmly that we want our voices to be heard, that we want to contribute, it will matter.

No one is perfect. No one person or group has the monopoly for wisdom. There are already so few of us, Singaporeans that even if each of us contributed an original idea it may not be enough. Much less depend only on the resourcefulness and ingenuity of a handful of government leaders.

I have the attitude of, " If not me, who? If not now, when?" What about you? Join me


Anonymous said...

Carry on Man! we always need more political blogs around here

Anonymous said...
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ForrestInAutumn said...

I agree 100%. Thank u SC for ur moral courage & altruism. I believe many Singaporean do not fear any Party whip but his/her own conscience. Singaporean are passionate about food, so I think there is a lust for life. Just that most things are still good enough for them to fear losing what they have. But deafness and pride will only bring on more failures, and these will bring the comfort margin down south. More will leave their cosy corners. Singaporeans are global. Most of us are not in the frame of minds as we were living in our 1 or 2 rm slums, wishing to go to Cameron Highlands for a holiday. With people like u continuing to blog, podcast & videocast and communicate through non-traditional channels, Singaporeans are becoming world class citizens in terms of awareness. I do not think, any sizeable portion of the citizenry now accepts official excuses without question. The elitism and monopolistic drives have gone to the point of no return. As Singaporeans had unwittingly nurtured a relentless leadership. This leadership has itself nurtured a frighten middle management that due to their fear tends to multiply misses and disenfranchisement. The difficulties generated will deepen the gap between the rulers and ruled. Unless, sincerity of the founding years return, but I doubt it will come at the present course. Many of us in the middle class by having moral courage is showing the world that Singaporeans are of high quality. Remember that investors' persistent complaints of poor managerial quality but the praise of Singaporean workers. Our passports are respected documents not just because of good government, in terms of infrastructure that is true, but much more because of the cooperative nature of the citizenry. Many people in the world, especially the developed west, look highly on Singaporeans because of our resourcefulness, industrious nature and trustworthiness. In much of these, I have more to thank to my parents, teachers and fellow Singaporeans than a handful of over-privileged. Very often my trust, loyalty, obedience and perseverence had been trampled on by my superiors. But it does not matter, we become stronger by it, as long as we continued to affirm our own inherent value as God's children of common grace. The proud will fall not due to us but by their own doing and the course of natural laws. My beloved mother puts it in a teochew saying:" Big ship rides big waves, small ship rides small waves" All ships faces the same natural forces. For our feeble nature, we face small storms. The big ships can choose to remember the same lessons of their fragility or pompously challenge the waves. They nonetheless sees themselves as titanics, but if they go unheeded, they will not escape their fate. May be there will be a Gorbachev for us or a split or a general change of ground sentiment or status quo. But the proud that goes unheeded will receive their just rewards.
A friend told me that 'where my heart is, there rests my treasures'. Keep following ur heart, there are treasures that men of power & wealth will never find. When they wake up from their dream, they will curse their own foolishness to have believed the lies they built their world on. As the sage says:"leave your fragrance to a thousand ages or stink 10 thousand years" I am relishing the fragrances that is flooding the island but many of u selfless gentlemen and ladies, whom I have not met face to face but I salute.
Mr Brown, keep ur chin up. GBU

nofearSingapore said...

Hi forrestinautumn (nice name)
Thanks for your encouragement ( which is probably meant for Mrbrown but copied to me). Anyway thanks.
I am at this moment rather ambivalent about what to do next.
I seriously think I need a "shrink" cos I am vacillating between optimism and pessimism about our nation's future.
I am sad and disappointed that the govt seem to treat the new media ( n people like us ) like lepers.
They can't deal with so , so they are isolating us by just ignoring us.
If you are a paranoic conspiracy theorist, you would think that the STOMP is just created to divert the young's attention from the alternative media ( such as blogs and forums).
Please continue to encourage people mrbrown and many others, the links which you will find in my blog.
I will continue with struggling to constructively engage the ruling elite even if they threaten using sledghammers.
Dr. Huang

Casper said...

Dear Dr Huang,

Yes, the phd can't read/write properly is a good one. I think it is an interesting topic to write. It doesn't surprise me that much, actually, when I was in Uni in UK, there are students who finished and passed their final year project with just 3 days worth of effort. There were also some pretty funny ways to plagarise computer programming work. For example, they did not understand that the pointer names 'next', 'previous' are meaningful words in an attempt to build a computer list. So, they changed next to DKNY :-p in their attempt to plagarise.

I think I should congratulate you as well for taking a standard and write from the anti-free speech island. A stance that defines logic other than perhaps it is because the establishment is feeling rather insecure about itself.